first lesbian expirence

Discussion in 'Real Kinky' started by toocleen, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. toocleen

    toocleen Member

    Girls, if you have ever had a sexual expirience with another women/girl, how did it come about? what was your age? what type of relationship did you have with her prior and after?
  2. Allonym

    Allonym cheesecake slut

    this may be better place din the gay forum than the kinky one... same sex realtionships arent exactly kinky in most peopels eyes these days
  3. Loveminx

    Loveminx Sports Racer

    age: 12
    come about: a new girl from texas mentioned she kissed a girl before and I found it hot..and so did my other best friend...the texan girl kissed both of us....which made us want to kiss each other...
    prior: friends
    after: sleepovers -> girlfriends, 6 months
  4. katie_oz

    katie_oz Member

    ummm, i think it would have been when i was about 11 as a guess.

    Very similar to Loveminx, a new girl said she had kissed a girl before and a couple of us thought that sounded exciting so we all tried it out. It progressed a bit further and was lots of fun.
  5. kissed lots of girls... first time... probably as a dare when i was 13ish.

    it was my best friend at the time. we always touched each others breasts and stuff like that...
    we stayed best friends for 2 years then i moved away.

    i think i was in love with her, just didnt realise it.
  6. toolmaggot

    toolmaggot Nuts Go Here.

    I was 14 and me and my best friend got drunk as shit and danced around to the postal service.

    Then we layed down, snuggled a bit, and the rest is history.

    I was scared as shit that she'd be freaked out by it (even though she kinda initiated it) and think I was a creepster and stop talking to me. I really dug that girl. Then she got a boyfriend and her whole life began to revolve around him. v_v
  7. warm_breath

    warm_breath Member

    I've never had a lesbian expericene at all before. I've been thinking about it lately though, I've always been attracked to both girls and guys but I've never really done much with guys so I've been thinking about trying girls and seeing if I like them better.


    16.. was a dare to lick whip cream off and then eat out... still friends she turnt out to be bi or whatever im not but she tries to hit on me once n awhile
  9. um.. 15.. I was dancing with my best friend, and we just started making-out. Then did a few more times.. but I've thought about it more and more lately
  10. minkajane

    minkajane Member

    When I was 19, I took part in a three-way kiss with a guy and another girl. At 20, I really kissed a girl for the first time and we had sex. We were good friends both before and after, but we only had sex that one time.
  11. alchemist357

    alchemist357 Member

    I Dig Chicks That Dig Other Chicks!
  12. ThatOtherGirl

    ThatOtherGirl Member

    when i was 14 one of my good friends ate me out in the woods near my house, ever since then the woods make me very horny! :)
  13. Stella_Drives

    Stella_Drives Senior Member

    I was 13/14ish? We were playing "what feels good when you lick it". It was a glorious game. We hooked up for a good 3 years after this occured.
  14. cn283

    cn283 Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    I was 19, a classmate and I got drunk at a party and went upstairs. We started making was awesome. I've been thinking about it a lot lately...
  15. ImaMuffin

    ImaMuffin Member

    I haven't had the chance, but I want to some day...
  16. maskan

    maskan Member

    Amen, brother.
  17. I've never been with a woman, but I find myself getting horny thinking about it... and I think I would love to be with a girl. My boyfriend doesn't know that I've had these thoughts...
  18. nesta

    nesta Banned

    i think this is definitely the wrong forum
  19. Balloonatic

    Balloonatic Senior Member

    i was 12 or 13, and on esctasy. we were thizzn hardcore and my best friend kissed me, grabbing my ass as we were making out. i got wet and she fingered me. whew.
  20. Anishacariya

    Anishacariya Member

    Give the step, your boyfriend will be very glad to hear that for sure...almost (all?) men seek FFM.

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