First Girlfriend Help!!!!! Please!!

Discussion in 'Lesbian' started by HollyHardcandy, Jul 17, 2013.

  1. Ok so... I've been dating a girl for about 7 months and I am absolutely in love with her. I've only gone down on her a couple times and when I have she makes comments like "You need practice" and stuff like that... so I've been avoiding going down on her because I know she's had better and I'm afraid of failing. I'm also nervous about not liking the taste and stuff... Last night she asked me if I really thought I was gay because I haven't been going down on her and she said she would like it if I could because she doesn't wanna get bored with me and she feels like she's missing out. She's slept with tons of women and she's my first so I feel very inadequate. Do any of you have tips on oral for the first timer? Anything I can do to like doing it more? Or do I just have to "get used to it"? I really don't want her to get bored with me..... and I want to make things perfect for her but I do have a very extreme gag reflex too when it comes to tastes... so I'm not exactly sure what to do.. >< Please help!!!
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    Well I know you said you're in love with her, so this won't be easy to hear... but you should either break up with her or have a serious discussion with her about her attitude. If she felt the same way about you, she would not say hurtful things like that. Her saying "I don't want to get bored" is pretty much a threat that she'll look elsewhere if you're not up to her standard. Add to the fact that she is more experienced and not giving you the time of day to catch up (or not taking into consideration your limitations i.e. gag reflex) shows that she doesn't care too much about your feelings. Do you want to be with someone who disregards you so easily? I don't now the extent of your relationship, maybe she's awesome in every other aspect? But she could be a little more attentive to your needs and not be so snotty.
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    Why do I get the feeling that the two OP and girltardis82 are the same person????
  4. girltardis82

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    Lol what? Why, because our posts are similar length?
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    First of all, I'm sorry to say this in a harsh way knowing that you're in love with her, but somebody has to knock some common sense and logic in your head unfortunately =/ .. I'm very sorry if this is going to hurt you, please do forgive me for that... But this girl may be your girlfriend and your first time as well, but she does not truly love you for who you are and how you are as person. If she truly loved you, she would NEVER feel that she's "missing out" or making such humiliating and degrading comments such as "You need practise" or asking you if you really are gay. The fact that she's slept with tons of women just makes it worse. This girl is either using you for sexual pleasure, or she likes to be selfish and snobbish about her own needs and her own satisfaction. She doesn't seem to care about making your first time special and giving you the LEAST respect about making sure you feel comfortable and not to be scared or nervous... A REAL loving girlfriend would do that... If that girl truly loved you, she would help you on your way and tell you not to be scared or nervous with her and tell you to take it easy and slowly...

    This girl is no good influence on you, the day you and your girlfriend breaks up, you'll think back to this and there's nothing more you'll regret more... A relationship isn't about pleasing one partner only in every aspect of being in a relationship. It goes 50/50 for both of you... I made that mistake myself for about 2,5 years where I only thought about my girlfriend's happiness and not my own including on top of it. (I made big mistakes which lead her to breaking up)

    When you are in a serious relationship, or in love with someone, please make sure that they have mutual feelings and that they care for you as much as you care for them. This girl is the complete opposite of what a real girlfriend is like... I recommend you to break up with her. Girls like that who are selfish about their own needs and happiness, usually go off sleeping with another girl and cheats on you, if not breaking up with you before she does.

    Please don't forget what I said about what a real loving and caring girlfriend is like, not to mention what I said about your relationship. This girl is just using you and taking advantage of you being as innocent and caring as you are...

    Very kind regards,

    (I'm sorry if this post is going to hurt you, but you need to know the truth by what you've explained so far about her)
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    Lmao. Kinda like the thread about buttsex the other day that was really OP and his other profile taking to each other?
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    For all we know, you and I are the same person....
  8. *MAMA*

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    Plot twist on that HF porno, eh?

    I better shut up before I get all my posts deleted again haha. Half my reps say "n/a" next to them.
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    Yeah, we were all doing fine until you brought the film crew!
  10. *MAMA*

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  11. *MAMA*

    *MAMA* Perfectly Imperfect

    Oh, and OP: if your girl just criticizes you without teaching you what she wants, get rid of her.

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