First Dimenhydrinate Trip Report

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    Also known as Dramamine for those of you new around here. I tried it for the first time last night with 500mg. I thought about 600 but took it down to 500 for my first try, this is how it happened:

    8:42pm - took ten 50mg pills of original formula Dramamine ($4)

    9:10pm - started to feel it set in. I took this opportunity to make a quick clean up of my place. Some of the trip reports sounded like a bad time so I was just getting ready for it to be a bad trip.

    9:40pm - full on now. I turned on some A-1 and mute-watched some cartoon, it was awesome. I also started getting my audio hallucinations. At first they just came as scratches or knocks on the wall. During this time I also felt a huge knock on the floor and I thought it was my neighbors complaining about the music. Turned it down a hair and never felt another knock like it, even though my neighbors NEVER complain about my music (try to keep it reasonable). I then went on to turn off the last light, the TV, and lit a candle while listening to music. Only visual here was the room thumping with my heart beat. Lit up a bowl of marijuana and buckled in.

    10:15pm - I lost track of time, I couldnt remember anything, everything was just so in the moment. My audio hallucinations turned into voices having full on conversations with me. Im not sure if I responded at all though, the whole time I felt like I couldnt talk even if I wanted to. It felt like I wouldnt have had enough breath to say anything. I take that back, my responses consisted of shrugs and nods. The voices I heard were asking me about life questions of which Ive formed an opinion on as if to help me get closer to the actual answer. The helping voices didnt last but a couple hours and I did enjoy them. During this loss of time I also saw worms under my skin. It looked as if they were shifting around like a snake does after you cut it's head off, or a lizard's tail. I dont understand how these can be such an issue for some people. The knocks and scratches got louder, sounds from outside sounded as if they were right in my ear. During one point it sounded like everything was inside my head and the world was silent and stale. My right arm started to spasm randomly, only happened a handful of times. Itd come as this tingly feeling, lock up if I tried to suppress the urge to twitch, and then itd come out after the tickling sensation became unbearable.
    - The visuals during this time also consisted of a sort of glare. It was like seeing multiples of an object but the multiples were transparent and colorful, a lot like a rainbow I guess

    ?:??am - The come down started it seemed, or at least everything slowed down after my second bowl. I pulled out my iPod, closed my eyes, and listened to some tunes in a dim lit room. My eyelids felt like warm blankets and flashed the most beautiful colors in time with the music. It was awesome, I felt like I was laying on top of some bath warm water drifting along. I fell asleep at some point during this but not sure when.

    I woke up this morning with the body high I get from Adderoll. This is something Ill be trying again but next time with non-drowsy goods. I would not suggest it if you get scared or paranoid easily. If youre one of those people who get paranoid from being out in public while high... steer as clear as you can from this. Youll probably have a bad time.

    Anyone wanting to try it I just say be ready. Take it as it comes and youll be fine =D

    ... a little greenery never hurt anyone either ;)

    What this drug does may not be defined as a trip but Im defining it as one

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