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    Has anyone else on the site been here? I've been there a few times, it's pretty cool, been open since mid 2015.

    Attendance is down since the "new" wore off and the cops backed off, Indiana isn't 420 friendly and when this opened up in Indianapolis southside, cops were everywhere! F'n crazy...

    You can find it online, used to be video of the services. I sit in the back right side so I'm not "on camera" lol...

    That's the last thing I need is my folks and their friends to see me at "that" church!!! No cannabis is used there, just worship of the plant, its healing properties and ethical/moral values and goodness toward one another.
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    Wait lol there's actually sermons that you willingly attend? Like, you actually go to church?


    Do you get free weed at least? Do you get to go up and share a big blunt like communion?

    Come here, smoke from this and get high, this is my flesh.

    And while you're at it take this horn and drink from it, this is mead. Mead is good. :)
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    Silly girl! haha it's not legal so no we can't light up...

    There was some sort of religious freedom act passed in Indiana in 2015 which allowed the loophole...We have the toughest possession/sales laws around, and are surrounded by states looking to legalize within two years or less.

    But ours is quite adamant. The only way we will is if it is a Federal Law.

    A politician introduced a bill last month for Federal Legalization for Medical/Recreational use for the entire US and it was immediately squashed- Thank you, Jeff Sessions... ahem...:( Hardly took a week to kill that bill.

    We have people we know who have health issues who need cannabis. It is basically a church that hugs instead of handshakes, we celebrate life and look to the future of one day being free to light up.

    Musicians, testimonials, greetings, etc. Attendants can be any religion or no religion, to us that is beside the point. Like I said, we celebrate the greatness of life in America and the hope that one day we will be legal.

    It is a gathering of goodwill between fellow Hoosiers for the cause. It is a serious thing, not a joke. Someday hopefully we can light up in there!!

    Wish us luck, be positive!
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    Apparently "old time" wasn't always quite good enough...
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