First, and last time i'll ever get busted. (very long story:))

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  1. So here's my epic stories..

    It's around the middle of march 2007, just before my first year anniversary for smokin the herb comes up. Some kid that I met once before calls me up and asks me if I can get him some dope, and i say sure, why not. Then he tells me how much. $1000 dollars worth (no joke.). This kid's like 13 years old, I meet him at the library not far from my house. He pulls out an envolope full of cash. $1000 dollars in $20 bills. I almost shit myself at the sight of all the cash. I was like "well seeing as we're going to get a shitload of dope, lets smoke what i got left". So we smoked a nice 4gram blunt in a bus stop. He hands me the money and says "i think you should hold on to this, I dont wanna lose it". (if anyone has seen the movie half baked, when thurgood signs over for that pound of dope.. thats pretty much how i was feeling.). So we walk for about 30 minutes, blazed as tits, to near my dealers house. I had called my dealer RIGHT after this kid called me, told him I needed an ounce (of course i wasnt spending all of it). So I was like "okay man, wait here, I'll be back in like 20 minutes". So I went over to my dealer's house, got my shit (of course i trusted him enough not to scale it, not really a big mistake, but i'll get to that later). Payed him his $130 (good deal.. lol). Once i'm out of his house, i feel like a fucking pimp. All my cash, all my dope. I'm ready to rock this shit. I call up a couple bitches that i was friends with at the time, told them i had money, and they needed to come chill. I walked to the mall (about 5 minutes from my dealers place), and met them. We walked over to Puffalot (local smoking store), and went insane. I bought some vanilla, peach, and cherry papers, a $60 two decimal scale, a $200 bong, BAGGIES, a tin, and a few other useless things that I didn't need. Now it's time to get high.. or so I thought. One of the girls i was with put the bong in her bag, and we started our 10-minute mission all the way to the bus terminals. I'll describe the best terms.. theres one side, where the mall is, where all the busses go, then theres a tunnel that goes right over the 417 (highway), and into the park and ride. So we went right over there. We got into the parking lot, and i was deciding where to smoke. There was the concealed area, off the OC transpo property, which was down a path, and not visible to people driving into the lot, or the other corner of the parking lot, which was ON the property, and didnt have much cover. Of course, as high as i was, I picked to go to the one with less cover (If i hadn't done that, I would be SO LOADED right now.. or at least i think). Anyway.. so we get the bong out, i pull out my ounce, and a nice 5gram nug in my hand , loaded up a few bowls (of course no one remembered to get water, so we're just hitting this normally. After about 7 hits each, we're all REALLY blazed. I look over to my right (where the entrance to the parking lot is), and there's a tan/brown coloured van driving directly at us. What would you do? with all that stuff on you? Well i sure as fuck didnt know. I was like "shit guys, i think thats undercover." But by the time i said that, they had pulled up, and were starting to get out of the car. I took one look at the bong, picked it up, got ready to run, looked around, and then heard "PUT IT DOWN, YOU'RE UNDER ARREST". <-- BIGGEST buzzkill ever. As soon as i heard that, i -carefully- set the bong down and threw my hands up in the air "OKAY YOU GOT ME!!!!". Of course these are bus cops, so they cant really do much except put me in handcuffs, but I didnt know that at the time. (we were about 5-10 feet away from the van). The fat guy comes over and THROWS me up against the van (of course im not really a small guy, i was 13, and about 5'10 and 170 pounds.). Handcuffs, and a search. They take everything out of my pockets, except the big bag of dope. the girls i was with got searched, they had nothing except a lighter. So these OC cops called some REAL cops. In the meantime, they said I could either call my parents, or go downtown with the fuzz when they got there. Of course i'm not stupid, and i got them to call my old man. "Your son is under arrest for possession and intent to distribute narcotics, bla bla". He read me my rights and all, then told me to sit still. I'm sitting on the back of a van, only handcuffed, fat bus cop is about 20 feet away (I'm a hockey player, so probably in better shape than he is), debating whether to run or not. I chose the smart thing, and didn't. So two cop cars roll up, and I get put into the van. I'm sitting there, and they open up the back, lay ALL my stuff out (except what they hadn't found yet, the baggies). They scaled my dope, in front of my dad (in the meantime, my phone is going nuts, people calling for trees). They were talking, "your son has 24 grams total, which is almost an ounce, an ounce is 27 grams sir." First i'm thinking, oh shit, that stupid dealer ripped me off. Then I say out loud "man, an ounce is 28 grams." They ALL look at me. I apologize RIGHT away (lol). So they get me out of the van, so that the police can seach me now. Of course he finds the baggies that were in my sock. "This is what i was looking for". So I go sit back in the van, so far, i've been in handcuffs for about 2 hours. and not getting out any time soon. Of course, all the cops were busy eating donuts, and no one has any evidence bags. So we wait, another 45 mins, for a 3rd squad car to bring that, my dad comes and sits in the van with me.. explains how he cant get me out of it this time (He did last time, i got suspended for possession in grade 7... even though i didnt have anything on me.) It has to be the first time i've ever seen him cry.. You dont really understand how bad i felt, how i knew how much ive let him down. so the cop arrives with the bags, and I get called out once everything is put away that I don't own. And yes, they took the $600 in cash too. I get let out of the van, asked to turn around, and they take the handcuffs off, but i knew it wasnt over. One of the cops: "Put your hands on the vehicle, you are under arrest" I'm like oh shit, not AGAIN. So I got to sit in the cop car for another 2 solid hours. It's like 25 degrees out (in march, yeah.), im sweating balls, wearing a hoodie and jeans, in the back of a cop car, with no room to move. Eventually, they let me out, and explain what's going to happen. They're going to take it back to the office or whatever, and decide what is going to happen. The OC cops issue me a 1-year ban from the station (which i really dont give a crap about, because i still go there anyway.. and theyre on strike atm, so thats even better.). So in the end, I never got charged or anything, even for ALL that. But I did learn a lesson.. DONT BE SO STUPID!.

    So the next part, is my first 420 on the hill, a couple weeks after getting arrested. The 19th of april, i'm on a mission to go buy a quarter for 420, to chill out with some buds and get high. Of course i owed some chick $80 for a half that i fronted a few days before, and i called her and asked her for a quarter for 420, she said sure, and she would get a friend to meet me that night. So I met up with him, he handed me a big wad of tin foil, i handed him money, we kept walking. But as soon as i was around the corner, I opened it, and nothing. Man was I pissed off something huge. I chased those little shits down. Of course there was 3 of them and 1 of me, but I had a knife, and determination to get some trees for 420. I chased them for about 5 minutes, completely guessing which way they went. Eventually i saw them running through a dark field. I yelled, and they stopped right away. Walked over to the one who i was supposed to buy from, and said if they didnt give me dope or money, i'd fuck them all up. Of course he started giving me a bunch of shit about how i owe his friend money and stuff. I told him it was 420 in a few hours, and i just wanted a quarter, or my 40 dollars back. In the end, he gave me 6 grams, which was enough to make me happy. We went right to his house, and he handed it to me. So that night, I get on msn, and guess who's on. That kid that I got the first $1000 from. I had explained to him that my dealer robbed me, and then i went to blaze a little, and got arrest by the cops. He totally bought the whole thing (I'm hanging out with him tomorrow, suprisingly, he has nothing against what happened, because he was stealing thousands and thousands of dollars from his old man.. pretty fucked up, eh?). So I was like man, I need $80 for tomorrow, or im gonna get madly jumped by a crap load of older kids. He's just like okay man, i'll see what i can do, go on msn tomorrow morning. Next morning, he gets on msn "hey man, I got another $1000". Can you imagine my reaction? I was like okay, meet me at the library in an hour. I got my mom to drive me there, and said i was meeting a friend. We walked back to my house, and played rockband and ate food till like 1030 ish.. I called up that chick i owed money to, told her i was gonna pay her back now, or she wasnt getting her money. First thing I did, was get $80, and bus down to zellers at the mall (I had to go to bus terms, which i was banned from of course :p). So once i payed her off, i was free, with 920 dollars. I got to the mall, payed some chick 20 bucks for her pack of smokes (because i really needed some, lol). And I bussed down to parliament hill with like 30 people. Decided i was going to spend this money right away.. of course i couldnt, so I just went a bought a bong, and we smoked out of that for like 4 hours on major's hill.. its 4:10, we all walk up to parliament, which is about a 2 minute walk from where we were. (it was nice smoking a joint right in front of cops on bikes, kinda made my day). At 4:15, my buddy got a call, our QP was ready. so i didn't get to blaze at 420, but i was sure high as the sky. i was the PERFECT distance away from parliament when the clock chimed once, and everything went quiet as the bongs and pipes were hit.. and a huge cloud of smoke rose above the group of thousands! It was an amazing sight, i really wish i had my phone (unfortunately I didnt, because i got arrested, lol). So we bussed for about 20 minutes to get to blair, which is where we bought, off of some 30 year old guy driving a green minivan (lolz). So i'm wearing shorts with no pockets, a bright orange tshirt and a black hoodie. How am I supposed to carry a QP, and a scale, without it all falling out? crotch. did it wreak? yes. did it stick out? big time. was it worth it? FUCK YEAH! I got home, immediately went upstairs, saying i was going for a shower (because i had been playing soccer at a friends house allllll day ) and nicely put my stuff away . That night my dad asks:
    Did you go downtown today?
    My answer.. of course I didnt ;)

    /end of epic stories. 2227 words. thats more than i've ever writtin in an essay :)
  2. CGhost

    CGhost Member

    Haha nice story, I read it all :)
  3. wolfpack

    wolfpack Member

    all i have to say is im so happy i only smoke indoors i used to smoke outside at random places but its scary shit...gettin high AND doing all that shit
  4. reefer118

    reefer118 Member

    So you took advantage of an unexperienced pot smoker and stole his $2000?
  5. why the fuck would you do that? i once got ripped off by this one kid for 150 bucks when i gave it to him to get me on oz of shrooms but of course i was young at the time and he ripped me off, i cant imagine someone ripping me off 2000 bucks. and the worst part is that you dont even feel guilty at all for doing it, and you never planned to get him his weed
  6. killswitchjd

    killswitchjd Senior Member

    I wish some kid would hand me stacks at a time.....
  7. lilbear

    lilbear Don't prick a raw paw!

    What a douch,I hate fukin thieves...
  8. First, I didn't really plan to steal the first 1000 dollars, but after someone would hand it to you.. what would you do? Yeah, i walked away. But I didn't ask him for the second grand, he just kinda said he had it, and we chilled. After we bought our quarter pound, he told me I could keep it, there was no stealing involved, lol.
  9. CherokeeMist

    CherokeeMist Senior Member

    i think you're going to have some problems...

    but that's just me.
  10. The Reverend

    The Reverend Member

    I'd try my damndest to get them a score because if you bust you balls on that amount for someone then you know they'd make it worth your while for your time. If I couldn't sort it then I'd give them their money back...
  11. Man it was like two years ago, the kid doesn't give a shit. The funny thing is, he was robbing the money from his dad.
  12. _toker_

    _toker_ Toking Up

    I find everything extremely hard to believe...
  13. DcloudRnineO

    DcloudRnineO Member

    hahaha I feel the same way. i mean, who just gets busted and then the exact same situation comes up and he does almost the exact same thing as before. I would never do the same thing twice if i had already gotten caught doing it once.
  14. So why would I have wasted an hour of my life to share it with people. Obviously it's true. Why would i bother typing it all up? So my e-penis looks bigger? good job.
  15. Funkateer

    Funkateer To swing on the spiral


    Good job asshole your making quite a name for yourself on these forums
  16. guy246

    guy246 Member

    haha karma owned you.
  17. Ducky

    Ducky Member

    Yeah, you guys. Look at how long it is, it's obviously true. In other news, so is Harry Potter and Twilight.
  18. I could go scan in my station ban from the OC property, for the exact date? I don't know. It doesn't really bother me that you people don't believe it. This is the "Busted" section. This is my "Busted" story. If you don't want to believe it, fine with me. I just wanted to share.
  19. Ducky

    Ducky Member

    You could do that, but it wouldn't prove anything except that you might've been banned from a bus station.
  20. TheShow

    TheShow Senior Member


    that's exactly why....people do this all the time.

    I declare nannies

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