Finding Rooms In Your Home That You Didn't Know Existed

Discussion in 'Dreams' started by Fueled by Coffee, Jan 26, 2016.

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    It actually happened to me on real life when I was a kid living in the house I grew up in. I was in my bedroom closet looking up at the ceiling and found a passage doorway to the attic. I had been living there for about 5 years by the time I found it It was exciting until I went up there to find a dark and cold room with lots of insulation and spiders.
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    Actually sent the following to a person via personal message (and was made to feel like I was a creep)... but here goes: I often have dreams about a childhood home I lived in in the 70s. Almost always it's the same room I stumble upon. It's always furnished (really tacky and extensively)... it truly looks like nothing my parents would've ever purchased.

    The dream always tends to remind me of the movie, "Burnt Offerings." It creeps me out.
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    I had one of these dreams last night and it was just fantastic.

    I accessed the secret rooms through the top left cabinet in my grandmother's kitchen.

    Short version: My mom had collected everything my brothers and I loved throughout our lives, and Dad had built all the secret rooms.

    My brothers and I all had our own rooms filled with everything we had loved dearly.

    Dad had built lots of rooms with hot tubs and swimming pools that I especially loved. He'd built a room that had a little concession stand like you'd have on the beach. It was built from a vintage truck. To open the serving window, you lifted the hood of this vintage truck.

    All the pets we'd ever had were outside wandering around.

    All the people we'd loved were there too.

    When I found my beloved Zippy The Chimp stuffed doll in my room, I broke down in tears and hugged and hugged and hugged my mother because she'd been so thoughtful and loving to save all these things.

    I remember wanting to take the lid off a little sugar bowl. I wanted to put it in my pocket and bring it back to this world so that I could prove the world my parents had created was real.

    I got distracted in the dream and misplaced it instead of putting it in my pocket.

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    I had a dream that I lived in some kind of big house on a farm. It was repetitive. Sometimes changing colors. Come to find out. That house existed. I never seen it in person. I swear on my life on that. I found out when it burnt down and then saw before and after pictures.
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    i love this. in my dreams, yes this happens. probably said something in this thread before.
    in my dreams i have maybe a house or lived with someone who did.
    in life i knew someone who lived in an old fixer upper of an old house that indeed, when changing walls found passages and stairways you'd never know or suspect were there,
    and several versions of this have existed in my dreams. i'm fasicinated by that kind of architecture and wish more people were allowed to build it.
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    sounds like every horror story plot, think you need to move asap before the ghosts come
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    horror is a matter of perspective. the most dangerous thing is an aggressively inconsiderate human, who has no idea how much harm and unhappiness they cause, and doesn't want to know as long as they can imagine they are impressing everyone else by doing so. and i don't mean directly by assualting anyone, though of course the cruder ones do that too.

    the good thing about my own dreams, is no matter how many forgotten rooms or hidden passages, i never have to run into or deal with them.
    occasional scary things happen, but that ain't one of them. far from scary to me, this is a very fun gratifying of curiosity.

    something i wish were more common and easy in waking life. and i have had this a few times in real life. friends remodling old places and finding these things.
    usually they remove them and open up the spaces bigger and wider and emptier, which is dissappointing to me, which is not what i would want to do if i had the chance.

    finding how to get into secret places and mapping them in my mind, this is something, like if i were a cat playing in boxes.

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