Finding pics or videos of your girl or ex online

Discussion in 'Free Love' started by xyzniloc, Jun 27, 2013.

  1. xyzniloc

    xyzniloc Member

    Has this every happened to anyone?

    I recently broke up with someone and I miss her a lot. It was an affair so I can't be in touch with her. Sometimes whilst cruising porn sites (I'm partial to amateur action) I see someone who looks like her and I get a jolt. I've never seen her online and I really doubt I ever would, but I guess it's not surprising that I'd be attracted to images and vids that look like her. There's like a voyeuristic aspect to it.

    Has anyone here ever stumbled across amateur sex material with their current or ex girl in it? I'd be interested to hear about it.
  2. 3rd Husband

    3rd Husband Banned

    Before I married my wife, the guy who was fucking her before me got some great shots of her, naked! He showed them to me and asked what I wanted him to do with them. He said he knew that several other guys had already seen them, and that he would not be able to ever get them back, so they were already "out there".

    I told him to not worry about it, and that he was free to show them to other men, even tell them that she was my wife, now. I love knowing that there may be lots of guys out there, masturbating to the sight of my own wife's big tits and hairy ****!
  3. Son of John

    Son of John Banned

    I can certainly identify with what 3rd husband is feeling. I know that my wife, too, posed for some nude photos before I met her, and she and I have no idea what may have become of them. I have not seen them on any internet sites.

    Like the guy above, I have been married three times. I was able to get some nude photos of my first wife, which she had under lock and key until we were divorcing and I managed to slip them out, to use as a bargaining chip if I needed one.

    After she moved out, an old boyfriend of hers came around, hoping he could get to fuck her. She told him about the pictures and he came to me, offering to "buy" them and give them back to her. I knew he was lying and that he only wanted them for himself.

    I declined to let him have them, but did offer to show them to him, which he eagerly accepted. Just like most guys, when he looked, he gushed "God, look at her Tits! Look at her ****!" He asked if he could "borrow" them and go into the bathroom, so I agreed.

    I knew what he was going to do, of course. He went in there and masturbated while looking my my, now ex, wife's naked body.

    When he came out, I asked "So how was it?" and he was embarrassed, but he admitted that it was great. I answered, "Too bad, she won't let you fuck her! She's a great pussy!"
  4. JT33

    JT33 Guest

    my fiance is a webcam model and ill admit, i love that guys jerk off to her...she also will occasionally blow me or jack me off for her is super hot especially when we read the emails together..

    now i need to go jerk off...thinking about it gets me so hard lol
  5. xyzniloc

    xyzniloc Member

    interesting responses. I imagine it being like spying on her. I'll admit I've gone to dating sites looking to see if she was there. She and I took pics for each other. Never posted them online. I'm pretty sure she'd wouldn't be into that.

    3rd Husband - why not sure those pics with us then? ;-)

    Son of John - maybe he used his camera phone to take pics of the him jacking to her pics and they're on link removed now!
  6. tomcaine2010

    tomcaine2010 Guest

    I tent to find porn that looks like an ex and if I do I will always open it and watch.
  7. Duck

    Duck quack. Lifetime Supporter

    The closest I've come, is finding porn of a former HFer.
    I reported it to her and she thanked me, and basically said it wasn't that big of a deal, and she's caught her stuff on other sites before

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