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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself!' started by WolfMan Jack, Aug 19, 2005.

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    :) Hello all. Just wanna say hey to all here and say what a relief it is to find a place for peps like me. I am 34 and have a 12 year old daughter that I get to see everyother weekend. I about a hour away from St. Louis on the Illinois side. I am a heavy equipment operator by trade. I basically luv people and enjoy fun and fellowship with all. Its kinda hard for me to meet a stranger in you know what I mean. I work hard, luv my daughter and friends, I have my spiritual beliefs, I am a big dead head (dog's name is Casey Jones), and I have had many of lifes ups and downs (although the downs seem a little ahead on the list but thats just rite now on this strange journey). I have always loved being around people and connecting with them, being my goofy, loving self. Most people don't know how to take me at first. Some have called me a big kid, weird, and some have thought I must be gay. Not finding many people with the same heart as mine I spent a lot of years trying to fit in with what was around me. Long story short, I got tired of the attitudes, bs, and all around fake people. I've accepted myself as I am. A hippie, flower child, deadhead, loving soul, or whatever u will call us. I gave up drinkin and all the for the same above mentioned reasons. I became 1000% happier with myself and life. I became so happy that I started takin better care of me and I lost 42 pounds, putting me just right according to my height/weight ratio anyways. I have the sacred gift, God, love, the few real friends that I have, my daughter, and life. Life is too short to hate. I believe it is possible for people to get along and treat each other with luv and respect and to be able to have fun along this great journey. This is who I am, I am not ashamed, I love myself, the earth, and you. Look forward to meeting more genuine, real people. I've come home.

    Wolfman Jack
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    You sound like the real deal...........and I respect your love for your child and your acceptance of yourself just as you are :) . I don't know exactly what a Hippie is by definition (God forbid, in the 70's I listened to Dan Fogleberg who I think is awesome...please don't throw anything at me)....I don't categorize myself by any set definition.I stayed lost for years trying to be what others wanted me to be...I do know I love the Lord, my children, my husband, and the earth. I treasure good friends, I adore pets (and have many, one of whom is trying to type with me right now).

    I'm back in graduate school again after 20 years...I enjoy study and have a passion for reading everything I can get my hands on......I have a son who just returned from an 18 month tour in the Middle East...who loves our country, his family. and is a fantastic father to my beautiful 3 year old grandson..and a spectacular 20 year old daughter who has a heart so big she loves the world.My children are the combination of everything I every want to be----kind, compassionate, and most of all non-judgemental......

    Luv Ya'll....Lila
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    I would like to welcome you both to hipforums. I have 7 kids so I get to hear lots of different music but don't remember hearing Dan Fogleberg before.
    I have a son who is in Iraq now....some have said before that they were surprised by that. Not sure why, we are 2 different people so while he
    is in the middle of a war (supposedly defending my freedoms) I'm here at hipforums expressing my freedoms.
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    :) welcome & hello :)

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