Finally got my stims back! Stupid docter?

Discussion in 'Pharmaceuticals' started by DCTXDW, Jan 30, 2009.


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    So after moving across the country and not having a doctor for 2 months, I FINALLY GOT MY FOCALIN (dexmethylphenidate- an isomer of ritalin) AND VYVANSE (lysexamphetamine) BACK!! I am so stoked, it has been wayyy too long without them!

    Anyway, enough of my shouts of joy- My new doctor is either stupid or VERY nice, but she gave me a month's worth of Vyvanse (30 70mg) and close to 2 month's worth of the focalin (60 imediate release 10mg)-- ALL WITHOUT ANY PROOF OF A MEDICAL HISTORY ADHD/ADD.

    Granted, I actually do have adhd and I have had the diagnosis since freshman year in high school... but the fact of the matter is that ANYONE who is a half decent "actor" could stroll into the office and walk away with a shitton of STRONG stimulants.

    I've never had to change doctors and I'm not familiar with the entire process of it, but is it really normal to- without any proof of being perscribed stimulants in the past- walk away with 2 scripts for schedual 2 drugs after your first visit?
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    DCTXDW Member

    I've been on those meds for years, i just didn't have any proof of it WITH ME. My question was asking if it's common practice for a doctor to write out two schedual 2 perscriptions on the first visit without SEEING the proof that you've been on them in the past.... because it seems like that would leave a lot of room open to fakers, drug abusers, and such.
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    ^^^ i agree with you here i just didnt realize alot of people were after those particular drugs. you usually hear people going after opiates and benzos

    DCTXDW Member

    True... but abuse potential for stimulants are very high- especially in academia. Idk.

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