Final ramadon bom-a-thon body and bomb count

Discussion in 'America Attacks!' started by RIPTIDE59, Aug 9, 2013.

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    2013 so far total count for killed and wounded by islamic terror amouts to roughly 6000. From homicide bombings to terror attacks the "religion of peace" is becoming much more aggressive in their hate crimes. Are we ready to sacrifice our values for national security? Do you think grade school invasions are possible in US? This has already happened in Russia and has been promised to occur in a major US city.
  2. Anaximenes

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    It's like Darth Vador stole God's existence. The religion of peace lost its believers to the conscience of awareness. The hezbollah does respond with the content of worry over the lost authoritative constraints within the liberal society of Syria. I suppose justice is enacted now by vengeance. What is that Ayatollah's name; he seemed respecting of women's fears unlike... Darth Vador in Iran maybe.:afro:
  3. desert-rat

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    There is a web site that posts all the activites of " the reg. of peace ". I will look for and post it later . Its reg. of peace . com , org , or something like that .
  4. RIPTIDE59

    RIPTIDE59 Banned

    There is also a site available that clearly advises and warns Judeo/Christians of the impending jihad and threat of sharia . Check out Pam Geller's Atlas shrugged for current updates on Western Islamification. Our culture , values and daughters are at stake.
  5. **It's not because they hate our way of life. The CIA, NSA and Military all tell us exactly what they want to blow us up. It's because we're interfering with their right to self determination and then bombing them when they try peacefully complaining.**
    - Ron Paul

    More from an american with some intelligence.
  6. RIPTIDE59

    RIPTIDE59 Banned

    I like Ron Paul. I voted for him. We did needed to ignore the religion of hate in the past; We need to protect our borders , Once again Suisse gets it right.
  7. In the settling of the United States the colonists were a group of Protestant Separatists–they called themselves “Saints”–who hoped to establish a new church in the New World. Today, we often refer to the colonists who crossed the Atlantic as “Pilgrims.”

    I think the native north american indians would love it if you took the Protestant Faith of Saint Hate and haul your butts back out of THEIR nation.

    Once again INDIA got it right.
    IE: Make life hell for white anglo saxon protestant conlonists and don't stop until they get tired and want to see something else on TV.

    Perhaps Ron Paul would make a good negotiator in trying to convience England to let you back in.
  8. RIPTIDE59

    RIPTIDE59 Banned

    Western Society has no practical application for islam.
  9. deleted

    deleted Visitor

    thread is a fail-a-thon..
  10. That's because western society (most notably the United States) is too busy turning women into whores, fathering children with as many women as possible and abandoning them, allowing state funded schools to raise their children to be voilent idiots and finally dividing up the responsiblity of teaching/enforcing social moral codes in western socieity on the backs of video games and movies with the occaisional "Hail Jesus" thrown in.

    Islam is growing FAST. It's now the largest religion in the world with an estimated 2billion muslims world wide. The majority of the new converts are westerners most notiably academics and women.

  11. Seriously...what are you going on about in regards to what this thread is all about? You are aware that Islamic terrorism also occurs in the U.K., correct? Assuming yes, then I'm not understanding your point.
    You just seem to be so full of hate.
    (not sure what the Native Americans have to do what this thread...but, yes, it is terrible what was done to them....HOWEVER, no one alive in the U.S. right now was one of the pilgrims so hating the people currently living here now because of something we had nothing to do with doesn't seem very fair or logical, does it?)

  12. Only two things to say to this....
    For one, just because you, admittedly, were a whore does not mean we are all whores or raising our children to become such things- whether the male or female version. Some of us are raising our children to have strong morals so don't judge everyone based on your own life experiences...

    And two... you just seem brainwashed!
  13. The Native Americans have everything to do with the negationist point of view of white anglo saxon history. Over and over again history shows that they invade other people's homes and urinate all over them while claiming superiority. To this extent I assure you that whatever crimes any individual or group of individuals may be guilty of.... America and Britain have done FAR WORSE!

    A handful of outspoken radicals in the UK are nothing in number compared to the sadistic soldierly practices of the thousands of troops in their home countries.

    And for everyone single extremist that goes on a criminal murderous rampage in the west there's some "noble patriotic" western soldier boy dropping missiles and bombs on thousands in the extremist's home mother nation.

    If you don't want extremists to stop killing your 10s in the west... Stop killing their 1000s in their nation.
    It's simple logic, leave them alone and they'll leave you alone.

    When a clown can start an entire thread called "Ramadan Bom-a-thon body and bomb count" then I can take a few shots too.

    It seems perfectly fine and dandy for any clown in this forum to proverbially urinate all over Islam but say anything against their ridiculous sense of patriotism and hell breaks loose.

    I suspect that most of these "we raise our children to have strong morals" really only teach their children to have "some morals" and have no problems allowing the Internet to be the babysitter or allowing them to imitate some slutty celebrity.

    But if the shoe doesn't fit then don't wear it.
  14. Fairlight

    Fairlight Banned

    I am sympathetic to some of your arguments Resistance isn't futile,especially as to the moral bankruptcy of the "Western World",but can you also not see some of the inverse fascism that seems to operate in contemporary Islam? Also I don't want to live in an entirely Islamist world no thanks.Is that what you are suggesting you want for everyone.Please,I don't think some religion cooked up by some single guy in a desert somewhere,purporting to be the word of "God" is truly the answer to the problems we face.

  15. Well, in regards to the original post... I guess I could/should say right back to that if the shoe doesn't fit, don't wear it. :) You know... why would you let the original post get to you if you don't sympathize with the extremist version of Islam?

    Oh... and I wasn't speaking about anyone else but myself when I mentioned some of us trying to raise our children with a strong sense of morals... As, yes, I know my son is only 2 and a half years old, but the most important job I will ever do (and am doing currently) is raising him to be a genuinely good person... my goal is for him to be the type of person who does what he feels is right and kind when no one is watching because it is the right thing to do. Even though he is very young I already have been teaching him to be kind to every single person (and animal) regardless of who or what they are and my more long term goal is to get him to be non judgemental and well, just a respectful, kind man.
    I know you weren't referring specifically to me but you start talking about "Americans", well, being that I live here, I feel you are assuming I must be like that as well and I am not. :) And no, I don't have him dressing like pop stars or going online at all yet. ;)
    In any case, my other, broader point, was that I do believe that many of us that have young children are trying to raise our kids in a more open minded, universally kind, loving and understanding fashion... more so than many people our ages were brought up...

    Oh, and also to resistance... because I just saw the beginning half of your post to me... I don't even know why you are directing those comments to me. About "leaving them alone" and talking to me about war and such that the U.S. government has lied their way into...
    Being that I have always been against any wars, including and especially the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.. and I also do not have any respect for the current POTUS, largely because of his drone wars mostly in Yemen, which I know kills many innocent civilians. I actually speak out against things like that ALL THE TIME.
    So....why are you directing comments about things like that ("leave us alone if you don't want us killing you guys!") to me?
    And if you have not been directing them at ME... then do you realize that when you start talking about Americans in that way and making such broad generalizations... that you are including everybody? Even those, such as myself, who are against those things?
  16. In this forum there's a handful of goons that go from section to section bashing Islam... Even in the religious section reserved for Islam it tends to degenerate into a rant about "them F**** Muslims."

    And this is how it works.
    When they slag off my religion it's called "freedom of speech" but if anyone slags off their "western culture" or "protestant faith" it's called locking the thread and slagging off Islam even more.

    Treat others with respect and it's amazing how much more peacefully things in this world will go along.

    If I've accidentally misquoted you or directed a comment towards you when it should have been someone else, it's because I'm currently using a computer for the blind.

  17. Okay, no harm done. :)
    I guess my point to you was you seemed to be generalizing about "all Americans" because of something that one poster (the OP) posted...
    oh and there are plenty of bashers of Christianity here as well.. I don't consider myself a Christian per say and don't go to church and all.. I'm more a spiritual person myself but I have many family members who are Christians who are truly good, accepting people, who don't hate people of other religions and stuff... so it pisses me off when certain posters bash on Christianity as a whole based on some stupid people who call themselves Christians...
    Sooo... I can understand where you are coming from with getting frustrated with some people bashing on Islam as a whole...
    but I think with most people (not speaking about the OP), .. MOST people can separate peaceful, loving people who's religion is Islam from the radical, hateful Islamic people...
    the sad thing that I see is the same behavior is seeming to come from "both sides"... some people hating on Islam as a whole... while some people have practice Islam seem to judge all "western" people as a whole as the same thing...
  18. RIPTIDE59

    RIPTIDE59 Banned

    The afore mentioned posts shilling for such a dysfunctional cause have shown their inability to properly "adjust" in western society. Do we wish to welcome these miscreants with open arms and wallets?
  19. 1) This is how America makes its money....

    2) My mum is Irish(catholic) born to hundreds of generations of Irish folk from Bansha village My father is Scottish from a line of Scots that sat in the first Scots parliament in Edinburgh castle 900 years ago.

    So guess what Mr. Clown.... That means that I'm a "westerner" and surpise!!! I'm also a Muslim!!!
  20. Maelstrom

    Maelstrom Banned

    The world is overpopulated anyway.

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