Fiesty Fawn anyone?

Discussion in 'Computers and The Internet' started by cricketlind, May 13, 2007.

  1. cricketlind

    cricketlind Member

    Just upgraded recently to Fiesty Fawn XUBUNTU distro. It rocks. They fixed all the major bugs (at least the ones I was finding). My computer is happier and less of a cranky old fart.

    I was just wondering if others were having as good an experience as me.

    My son's machine is running regular Ubuntu and it is running OK now. The monitor was going crazy during the boot. They musta re-added some of the old drivers as his is even older than mine. Some of his programs were hanging because of the problem with bad rendering of the graphics. I will be testing out said programs tonite. I expect they will be OK now.

    Kudos to all the Ubuntu team. They outdid themselves this time.

    Peace, Cricket
  2. smoove

    smoove Member

    yes i agree fiesty fawn is great,no more xp for me :party:
  3. Quoth the Raven

    Quoth the Raven RaveIan

    X/K/Ubuntu is a great distro for those new to linux, however, that's not me. Tried Ubuntu, hated every minute. I'm a control freak at heart, I like to know exactly what's running, why, and how to stop it if I don't want it running. Hence, Arch Linux.
    I'm thinking of having a play with Linux from Scratch as well, although that sounds like the kind of thing that takes you several weeks to complete - not for most people! The computing knowledge you pick up in the process though is absolutely invaluable.
  4. Adderall_Assasin

    Adderall_Assasin Senior Member

    Raven, if you want to play around like that then get BSD. i like FreeBSD and compile everything from source.

    Cricket, the problem wth your sons monitor was actually the graphics card driver. sometimes the OS doesnt recognize the Gcard or maybe doesnt have the right driver for it. Ubuntu/Cannonical probably added it to the newest release. it is not a bug, it just needed more love to install the correct driver.
  5. cricketlind

    cricketlind Member

    I know it wasn't a bug making the monitor go crazy but couldn't find the right driver for his graphics card. It was in the Dapper release but not in the Edgy and now its in the Fiesty release again. But I did find a few actual bugs in Edgy and reported them. They seem to have been fixed. Other folks on were finding them too. Folks much more computer savvy than myself. I was searching for the correct driver when they released Fiesty. So, I took a gamble and installed from scratch it automatically installed the correct driver so I it works fine. I did install modconf and tried several different drivers but none of them worked right and did some research online trying to find the exact one but the problem with the internet is there is too much info and sifting and sorting through it was time consuming and I never did find the info I needed. I was getting close but then I did not need to since it reinstalled it during installation of Feisty. But you had better believe I am going into the system and writing down the details of the driver it is using so if it needs to be hand installed again I can find it.

    But Yes Fiesty is very fiesty. Just like me.

    Peace, Cricket
  6. Adderall_Assasin

    Adderall_Assasin Senior Member

    yes. i keep lists of everyones hardware in my house and all the other ppl i do linux for.
  7. *Andy*

    *Andy* Senior Member

    Hehe my dad has been obsessing over Ubuntu for the past few days. My mum actually got pretty freaked out seeing a message in the inbox from someone called "Feisty Fawn". :tongue:
  8. raysun

    raysun D4N73_666 4861786f72

    Feisty Fawn is a great release with beryl or compiz it has some nice eye candy....

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