Few more ?'s for the A'dam exp'ed

Discussion in 'Amsterdam' started by F Z, Jan 13, 2005.

  1. F Z

    F Z Member

    1) The Mushroom Tea you get from Old Church, Is it real mush-tea? make U trip? If so how hard? Anyplace else make anything from Mushrooms?

    2) Is the AK-47 as hardcore as i've beem reading about? If so which CS has the best?....Popular oppinion on the pages i've been readin says Dampkring's.

    3) Rate 1-10 and discribe the effects of the following.........

    Dampkrings: Buddah's sister & Silver haze

    Grey Area: Grey Mist Crystals (Kiff) & 4077TH's Medincinal (Yellow Cab & Double Bubble Gum 4 X-tra credit...LOL)

    Old Church: Ice Skunk & Dutch Skunk

    Barney (Haarlem): Sweet tooth

    Speaking of Haarlem, that brings me to question 4.........

    4) Is Haarlem there the same s Harlem here in the US?

    5) Who sells the best Napalese Temple Balls? & Are they worth it?

    6) In your opinion what it the best (Strongest) hash? n whos got it?
    Popular opinion says Dampkring's Dutch Moonshine Yes? No?

    Thats all for now.....Looking forward to reading your thoughts and comments
  2. WE1

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    Harlem and Brooklyn in New York City were named by the early Dutch East India Trading Company settlers of New Amsterdam in the 1620s. Until the British started arriving and trading about twenty years later;everything was cool. The British became stronger over the years;because,they had more financial support from London then the Dutch did from Amsterdam. The Dutch were finally kicked out of New Amsterdam by the British in the 1660s. Then the British changed the name to New York in order to help them lay claim to Manhatten island which was purchased by the Dutch governer of New Amsterdam from the chief of the Canarsees [sp?] indians for just under 25 dollars or about 60 guilders let's say.
  3. mafuman

    mafuman Banned

    When i moved to nyc, i moved to harlem. But there werent many dutch people there. Its like Holland becuase weed is legal there. We call our coffeeshops 'bodegas.'


    Thanks for that info WE1, you learn something new every day.
  5. velvet

    velvet Banned

    Yeah..... we changed New Amsterdam for Surinam... *sigh*.... hehehehe

    Ah well.. my boyfriends from there so yeay.. but otherwise it wasn't the best of choice.. hehe.. maybe at that time, but now.... I don't think so ;)


  7. smoke till ya puke

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