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    As you may know, or not as the case maybe , me and my partner are active roleplayers and the scene below is a "hitty" type roleplay amongst other none hitty types that we intend acting out during the festive break. As our son will be working most days because of his job demands we will have full use of the house . We have just renegotiated new boundaries which includes electro stimulation for the first time and bare bottom spanking . The roleplay that will be relevant here is designed to push our boundaries . The only proviso here is that she is allowed to reciprocate . This I have agreed .

    Mr Pervies Disciplines Rosie at Last

    St Andrews Girls School is a very expensive public school but promises to deliver exceptional results from its students and has an excellent record so far. It does however have a very traditional disciplinary system which includes Corporal Punishment in exceptional cases and the parents sign a clause to accept this when they sign contracts with the school.

    Rosie has already obtained exceptional grades and passed 14 GCSE in various subjects including Maths and the Sciences. She is now in the Upper 6th Form studying her final year for A levels , with an ambition to apply for the Oxbridge Universities .

    She is a very intelligent young woman but she does have a certain rebel element which needs to be tamed . She has a gift of entrepreneurial qualities and likes to earn a quick buck if she sees an opportunity . Physically she is very well developed and currently overfills her school uniform in a very nice way with her excellent curves . The uniform is basically the same as the lower school students consisting of a brown and black kilt ,white blouse, brown and black tie and black blazer .The main difference for the 6th form is that nylons and be worn and underwear is left up to the student . The shoes are still black but heels can be worn . With Rosie being a classy girlie girl type ,she wears black stockings wit a suspender belt and black lacy knickers and matching bra . Of course she opted for the heels . She is also very popular amongst the other students and was voted by them to become Head Girl.

    Mr Pervies, The Headmaster on the other hand isn't very popular with the students . He has rumoured to be a bit of a creep and was apparently seen hanging around the girls changing rooms after a very important Netball match . He upholds the schools disciplinary policy and is seen normally brandishing a 2ft long wooden ruler . He isn't afraid of tapping a young ladies bottom with it if he feels she is slightly out of line .

    He has developed a liking for Rosie , that is her body , especially in the last couple of years when she has really developed. His hand has already met her backside before after a minor infraction of undercutting the school Tuck Shop with cheaper snacks . Since then he has been looking for another excuse for her to be bent over his desk but so far to no avail.

    However things have change somewhat as Mr Pervies has received a complaint from one of the local shop owners in the form of Mr Khan. He has evidence of Rosie caught on CCTV selling cigarettes to under aged students . This is very embarrassing for the school and is a blatant rule breaking offence .Mr Pervies has apologised to Mr Khan and he has assured him that the matter will be severely dealt with .

    Rosie has been summoned to the Headmasters study and her fate now awaits ..................

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