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Discussion in 'New Age' started by cerridwen, Jan 25, 2005.

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    I'm just torn between the two.

    I'm very much into creating a spiritually balanced space, and I've a couple of fantastic and easy to follow feng shui books. I've gone through three rooms in my house in accordance to these books, how to rearrange furniture in accordance to my and my husband's energies, painting the walls in the right colours, hanging the right crystals in the right places, the water fountains, etc...

    I've been working on these three rooms for about 5 months now, and in truth, I just don't like the way it turned out. According to these books, these rooms are perfectly feng shui'ed to my husband and I, but somehow it doesn't quite click for either of us. The colours that my husband and I like for the walls are very different than what these books recommend. Some of the items I got for the rooms, even though they're very cool to have, somehow just don't seem right for the room or to our style.

    It's a shame to undo all the work we've put in to these rooms. I've a bit of comfort in knowing that in 3 months my husband and I will be moving to a new house to start over... I dunno.

    Has anyone else come in to this problem?

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    I haven't experimented with colors, but I have blocked some 'poison arrow' corners with plants and my front door looks through to the back door, so I put up a beaded curtain to try to block the energy from flowing right out. I like both those 'solutions' very much. Oh, and yeah, my step-son was bonking his head all the time and I looked up our bed placements and his said head problems!, so we rearranged his room and his head accidents stopped immediately. But I haven't dived that deeply into it - I mean, they tell you which dirrection your house should face and which side should have a mountain and which side should have water. Those are things that are difficult for most people to have any control over.
    Me?, I try to bring all the elements in the rooms, that's my personal positve energy receipe. I put candles for fire, water, incense or open windows for air, and salt or plants for the earth.

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