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Discussion in 'MDMA - X' started by Skywise, Oct 10, 2013.

  1. Skywise

    Skywise Member

    I would be very interested in hearing about female experiences on 'E'...When rolling I've always noticed that it affects them differently from guys. For example when girls roll they dance together and get very touchy-feely with each other. Not necessarily in a sexual way, although I've seen a lot of girls kissing each other while dancing. Just curious to hear a female perspective.
  2. Mr.Writer

    Mr.Writer Senior Member

    The difference you're seeing has way more to do with gender than with MDMA; women tend to like dance and be more physical with each other when they're sober, mdma just further lubricates these interactions. MDMA doesn't "make you dance", it makes you do whatever you want to do, and women love dancing, touching, hugging, and kissing :)
  3. SunshineChild

    SunshineChild Mad Scientist

    Another thing is that women have less body water than men and smaller quantities of a certain enzyme I can't recall to break it down, so women drinking alcohol will have more in their bloodstream more rapidly and in higher concentrations than a man of the same weight, therefore they are affected stronger by alcohol. I'd venture to guess this would be the same case with drugs (MDMA in this instance) as well. Interestingly they tend to get higher ABV the closer they are to their menstrual cycle until they actually do menstruate, then they don't absorb as much alcohol until they get close to hitting their menstrual cycle again.


    another thing to note is men tend not to let their inhibitions fly as much in fear of not looking 'manly' enough in front of their bros.
  4. unfocusedanakin

    unfocusedanakin The Archaic Revival Lifetime Supporter

    Women are already wired by biology to be mothers. That care taker side comes out easily on MDMA.
  5. SunshineChild

    SunshineChild Mad Scientist

    I like the conclusions there. Seems to support my theory. :2thumbsup:

  6. guerillabedlam

    guerillabedlam _|=|-|=|_

    A lot of notable clubs (not referring to gay clubs either) early on when MDMA exploded onto the scene such as the Hacienda were disproportionate in male to female ratios.

    It's also well documented that rival soccer hooligans in the UK were also dropping MDMA and dropping their machismo by even hanging out together after matches which was unprecedented until that time.

    Point being with these examples is that they illustrate how MDMA often has been noted for dissolving culturally instilled fears such as 'not looking manly enough.' Perhaps with the recent commercializing of the rave scene this effect of MDMA is not quite as apparent, but most parties I go to I see guys that are clearly not concerned what others think of them. :D I'd say there has been an attitude shift of some of the newer artists of popular EDM genres such as dubstep and trap which seem to be more about promoting 'melting faces' and 'Going Hard' rather than to promote an environment and music for some of the more affectionate, comrardery type effects to be on display.

    Passing on vicarious info I've read on Women on Ecstasy and from what they have told me... Well I guess first off women tend to have different responses to MDMA, some feel completely liberated and enjoy how connected and free to open up while on it, while others are more hesitant about when they take MDMA because they feel it distorts their perceptions too much and they don't feel in control of the experience. As a generalization, women at raves tend to be scantily clad, according to literature I've read, they often feel comfortable wearing such outfits to embrace their sexuality and guys on MDMA tend to not be as belligerent as those say on alcohol as MDMA is stimulating and decreases aggression. I've not witnessed as much of the girl on girl action as you have OP, but some girls do tend to be very touchy, feely on MDMA in my experience as well. MDMA indirectly releases oxytocin which promotes bonding, so girls as well as a lot of guys tend to feel more comfortable with hugging and massaging.
  7. unfocusedanakin

    unfocusedanakin The Archaic Revival Lifetime Supporter

    Yeah dubstep and trap remind me allot of metal. It's more about turning it up to 11 and being as aggressive as possible then any sort of PLUR vibe.
  8. tuesdaystar

    tuesdaystar Interneter

  9. guerillabedlam

    guerillabedlam _|=|-|=|_

    Putting on my amateur sociologist hat, Dubstep which was popularized in the UK always seemed more inspired by Ketamine and Mephedrone to me. I'm sure MDMA was fairly prominent as well but those drug's popularity surged in the UK and seemed to correspond with the growing popularity of dubstep. Trap seems sort of like the aftermath of that, with a similar vibe but being more US Based.
  10. Skywise

    Skywise Member

    Lol! Thanks for the visual..My feeling exactly!!!
  11. Skywise

    Skywise Member

    Great insightful responses everyone!
  12. *MAMA*

    *MAMA* Perfectly Imperfect

    I've been told by a few people that my personality reminds them of MDMA. I'm a very happy, nurturing person who is always dancing around, and is very touchy feely. When I take MDMA, all of that is magnified. I don't know that it's a gender thing for me, as much as just an exaggeration of traits I already have.
  13. boxxie

    boxxie Guest

    im a girl, lol. When ive rolled, ive all just felt so incredibly affectionate, almost to the point to where i cant control it, i just want to tell everyone (strangers) how awesome they are, how good their dancing is. i feel like everyone is my friend and i can trust everyone. Also i feel lost if im not touching my partner, and im like all over him. lol.
    so yea i would probably agree with u guys haha
  14. Skywise

    Skywise Member

    I rolled this weekend with my girlfriend and that was us, exactly! Awesome!

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