Female's Butts - Sexiest Types / Shapes

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by nz male, May 20, 2013.

  1. nz male

    nz male Senior Member

    Which part of a females butt is the sexiest in your opinion ?
    Do you prefer a butt with a deep of cleavage or no preference?
  2. ariekanibalie

    ariekanibalie Member

    Which part? Couldn't say about you, but I'm one of those holistic types, at least where ass is concerned. A butt is a butt is a butt. I don't break it down into its constituent parts, but appreciate it in its entirety.
  3. nz male

    nz male Senior Member

    I like a butt with a deep groove that goes from the top of butt to the butt cheeks.
    Flat butts are not as sexy looking - but that's my opinion thou.
    Nice curvy butts are so sexy if they are not too big.
    Tight pants show some of their shape but not always the groove between them.
    G strings are the ideal underwear for showing the butt's real outlines & cheeks off to the best advantage - for the wearer & anyone looking from behind.
  4. Mike Suicide

    Mike Suicide Sweet and Tender Hooligan

    post pics so we can make better comparisons.
  5. BuryMeInSmoke

    BuryMeInSmoke Member

    One with big, round and soft cheeks that I can bury my face into. I like just about all shapes and sizes of ass.
  6. kairilove

    kairilove Member

    Oh there is such a variety, why pick one? Juicy bubbles, tight little firm ones... they all need to be spanked ;)

    I am particularly fond of mine though :D
  7. calgirl

    calgirl Senior Member

    Here's one. What do you think?

  8. TAZER-69

    TAZER-69 Listen To Your Heart! Lifetime Supporter

    Needs spanked...... white lace panties again?

    Very Nice ASS my dear.
  9. BuryMeInSmoke

    BuryMeInSmoke Member

    Is that yours? If so, you've definitely been blessed with an incredibly luscious ass. One deserving of worship.
  10. calgirl

    calgirl Senior Member

    Yep. Thank you.
  11. I'minmyunderwear

    I'minmyunderwear voice of sexy

    the upper right.
  12. nz male

    nz male Senior Member

    Nice cheeks & a sexy g string would show even more of that butt nicely.
    Good at self photography too by the looks of it?
  13. nz male

    nz male Senior Member

    Wish I knew how to post pictures on here.
  14. calgirl

    calgirl Senior Member

    Make an album using URLs, then link to URLs in the album to post pictures into threads. There's other ways, I believe, but I haven't ever got them to work.

    I show the least amount of skin as possible. Yes, it was a cell phone pic, and it's not easy to do.
  15. enhancer13

    enhancer13 Senior Member

    My favorite part is the whole thing! I prefer a big round bubble butt myself and I don't mean a fat girl butt either. My lady has the most amazing ass I have ever seen. It just wows me everytime I look at her. It is for sure the feature on her that turns heads when she walks in a room. The kind of ass people in hollywood are paying to have implants for.
  16. kairilove

    kairilove Member

    Mmmm... yes I would bite that apple, not to mention smack it around a bit ;)

    Ever had that thing cracked with a paddle? I believe that would be quite intoxicating :)
  17. calgirl

    calgirl Senior Member

    Not a paddle no but here's a nice hand mark !

  18. kairilove

    kairilove Member

    That is nice, an isolated slap or the beginng on something a little more "colorful"?
  19. TAZER-69

    TAZER-69 Listen To Your Heart! Lifetime Supporter

    I can't believe someone would thumbs down that ass.
  20. Alternative_Thinker

    Alternative_Thinker Darth Mysterious

    The part where it's attached to the girl I have romantic feelings for. ;)

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