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    On-and-over the year's-and-decades, best two decades were mid-1960s to mid-1980s, hall and oates, the latter half, but recent musicians/singer-songwriters/singer-songtypists/artists, include eagle-eye cherry, frankie valli and the four seasons, cartoons, wonderful, daft punk, black-eyed peas and clean bandit, dnce, "poisonous perry martel", probably others, whilst I detest-and-despise the disco aesthetic, various musicians/singer-songwriters/singer-typists/artists came along due to disco music, which I like when it's sensible
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    Opera is timeless. Although first performed in 1870. this beautiful performance only dates back to 1995. Probably one of the best and most tender examples of the hope and despair of 'butterfly' in the history of Puccini's operas.

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    I recently resurrected music from my youth and learned a new appreciation for music from my home country...

    This man is the epitome of that:

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    Tarja. My favorite by far. I can never decide how to introduce her to people so I’ll just post this live song.
  5. I used to really like Kurt Cobain. I think my favorite of his body of work is "Oh Me", which is not a Nirvana song. I also liked "Marigold" and "Something in the Way". Anyway... I think Brandon Boyd is intelligent.
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    One time a Franky Valli song came on while I was in the shower and at first I was like "What the fuck is this shit?", but then it started kicking in and went into the chorus where he sings "I love you baaaaby" or something.

    Needless to say I was a dancin' in the showa.

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