Favorite masturbation method?

Discussion in 'Masturbation' started by Jordan20, Mar 15, 2008.

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    Guys and girls, what are your favorite masturbation methods? Use this thread to discuss em. Mine vary, but here's a couple

    -Rub palm against cock, while rubbing and squeezing.

    -applying pressure through pants (or w/o pants ;) ) with hands/fingers.

    -Sofa humping (rarely, though.)

    Yeah, I'm not the most creative dude. Anyways, share your methods with us and tell us how they work ;). No poll this time, sorry.
  2. jake_the_snake

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    yea I do the second a lot... like when im surfing these boards or the net in general and I find something hot, i just reach down and squeez it a little through the jeans... but when its go time and i wanna cum, i pull it out and stroke it!! :) Ususaly to a hot porn vid...
  3. wdave79

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    Humping works but the best way is when it feels realistic to sex. I recommend a waterwing. Works great as it wraps around your cock and you can hump away. Plus cleanup is easy as it goes inside when your done.

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