Favorite Lesbian Sex Positions

Discussion in 'Lesbian' started by Stella_Drives, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. Stella_Drives

    Stella_Drives Senior Member

    This includes everything from strap-ons, to dildos, to fingers, to tongues, to whatever you like.

    I love sexual positions where we are both giving and receiving so essentially, we can climax together. My personal favorite is when Im on top, either getting fingered or riding a strap on, with my girls legs bent and open so I can fuck her with my fingers as I lean back. The first time we did this we were both just really stoned and it just kind of happened. Absolutely amazing!

    What's everyone else like? Any unique, crazy positions?
  2. I fantasized for a while about this before I brought it up to my "other" but when we tried it it was def. the best position ever. I layed on my back and she sat in between my legs with out pu$$ies together. So that she was sitting sideways on me:) I let her sit there and she put her legs around my one leg and I was able to rub her front and back spots if ya know what I mean. She loved it and just from the stimulation of her pressing against me I GOT OFF!!! hehehe
  3. Inky_Puff

    Inky_Puff Member

    I think my fave would be the all time classic 69er :p
  4. lutsko67

    lutsko67 Member

    I do it all 2 my g/f, from vibraters 2 strap ons and def. her sittin on my face!! What a rush 4 her and a tasty treat 4 me. HEHEHE!!! I may be a butch in the streets but I have no problem being being her lil Bitch in bed. We enjoy it all, and have def. have no problem experimenting w/new things and ideas. Except 1 thing..... The hot wax stuff ...bad experience, I ended up getting 2 nd degree burns 2 my nipples!! No 1 ever said u could nt use reg. candle wax. Except my Dr. while trying 2 keep a str8 face while I m telling Her what happened 2 my nipples!! lol But seriously, I still get petrified when ever I see a Candle burnin so close 2 me.
    peace n good Vibes 2 you
  5. Stella_Drives

    Stella_Drives Senior Member

  6. smokequeen2u

    smokequeen2u Member

    My fave postion i'll have to say is my legs in the back of my head while getting ate out and or gettin it on with a strap. I like to freakier things but i don't talk about it. It sometimes was too much for the others to handle. Or is it that i am too much to handle i let myself be the judge of dat.
  7. i personaly like to give more than receive. To see her so excited and to know that she feels that great gets me off most of the time. My favorite is her favorite as well. Her sitting on my face. We first tried this at her grandmothets house when we were tired of the same old possitions. Thats when we really started to have fun with it and really fuck. Not just wonder what she likes, but know and just fuck her. it's so great when you get so good at it that she starts giving you those looks accross the table or at church. When no one else knows what the look means (not knowing that were together, thinking we're best friends). Ilove that look. ooohh.. i could fuck her for days with that look ahaha. sorry, got carried away...
  8. sandy02860

    sandy02860 Member

    i think my personal favorite sex postistion is laiding on my back with my legs apart and bent my beautiful lover andrea is just between them licking my inner thights fingered my pussy and eating me out.after she does me, i useually do her nipples running my tounge down to her stomach and navel then licking her pussy after that she uses the strap on on me, which i have to say its really great! i bet i had come over 5 times during our lovemaking,
  9. I like her on top of me fingering me and kissing my neck and nipples and also sitting facing each other fingering her or her fingering me is amazing, too. [​IMG]
  10. AndyTampa

    AndyTampa Member

    My favorite lesbian sex position is with both of them in front of me where I can see them clearly. :drool: :jester: :drool:
  11. kaydies girl

    kaydies girl Member

    i have a question about phone sex wiht my girlfriend. So we have phone sex a lot but it seems lately she seems to be getting quieter.. does anyone have any suggestions i can say to her or tell her to do to make her have a better orgasm?
  12. kaydies girl

    kaydies girl Member

    i have fantaised about it a bit but my gf isnt really in to it so we havent tried it yet.
  13. sandy02860

    sandy02860 Member

    hi there my name is sandy i dont mean to bother you. i just need some advice i'm having girlfriend problems. we been carried on an online love affair, i say a week and a half, but here lately its been like shes just blew me off like "do i know you"? my question is do i just tell her that i want to break it off or just ignore her completely?
    the only time we could have sex is online when shes at work. i knew i was in trouble when she told me she was fallen in love with me from moment she im me, its been a week since i havent see her on. i'm sorry i got carried away
  14. romansandal

    romansandal Member

    My favourite position is when we both have our legs spread open, we bring our clits together wrap our legs around each other and rub together until we orgasm.
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  15. lovelorned

    lovelorned Banned

    All of these are so yummyful..:)
  16. spirit of the night

    spirit of the night Senior Member

    this is such a great thread! keep posting :p


  17. semi~sweet

    semi~sweet Member

    hi alexis heres a message from my girlfriend...

    ok...It not as hard as it seems. I do It w/ mine all the time and this hardly ever fails. Tell her how much she means to you, tell her how beautiful and special you know she is and at the same time explain what you want to do to her in deep detail, don't leave anything out. It always works and It It leaves my girl melted like butter, (literally) -Lainie
  18. love(h)er

    love(h)er Member

    musssssst say that i love it when my girlfriend put my on my back && she spreads my legs...&& she puts one of my legs on her shoulder....&& that way she can put her fingers deep inside of me. it makes me feel a rush...she just has the most amazing way of making me fall deeply into the moment. wew...cant wait to get home to her. :eek:)
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  19. sharafislam

    sharafislam Member

    i think the kama sutra position is a nice position. here is a website about it, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kamasutra. i just got a question about my sexuality. wen i was in my childhood years i was use to love girls. but now i think im going to this transaction where i lately, ive been turned on by my friends (who are boys). i need advice cuz im not sure im gay or not. i had a convo the other day where my friend was acting gay and it was supposed to funny but i was actually turned on by it. can n e 1 please temme if im gay or not.
  20. DIAMOND_1969

    DIAMOND_1969 Member

    My g.f and I have already done the positions talked about now we need something new, I have only ben with one other women so im not real experenced, my g.f has ben with other women b4, the prob is wut she wants to try scares the hell out of me so wut do we do?

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