Favorite Led Zeppelin song?

Discussion in 'Music' started by WoodstockChild, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. WoodstockChild

    WoodstockChild Intrepid Traveler!

    What's yours? Mine would have to be a three-way tie between No Quarter, All My Love and D'yer Mak'er. What about you all?
  2. Any Color You Like

    Any Color You Like Senior Member

    It's so hard too choose... they're all good!
    Anyway my favorites are In my Time of Dying, No Quarter, Ten Years Gone, Black Dog and When the Levee Breaks.
    I think what I love with Led Zeppelin is that all their songs rock, but there isn't two songs that look alike! Creation everywhere!
  3. SLammon420

    SLammon420 Senior Member

    Stairway to Heaven!!!!

    Just kidding...I'm gonna say my favorite is No Quarter.
  4. passittotheleft

    passittotheleft Senior Member

    I don't know that much Zeppelin but I love Black Dog. At some point I'll get around to more Zeppelin.
  5. WoodstockChild

    WoodstockChild Intrepid Traveler!

    Yes, I love No Quarter. Heh!
  6. MichaelByrd1967

    MichaelByrd1967 Garcia Wannabe

    4-way tie between No Quarter (Song Remains The Same Version), Carouselambra, Four Sticks, and That's The Way.
  7. LK1

    LK1 Member

    No Quater, Thats The Way, Tangerine, The Lemon Song and Dazed and Confused
  8. ElChivato

    ElChivato SeNioR MeMBeR

    Battle of Evermore, Tangerine
  9. rg paddler

    rg paddler Senior Member

    the more i reply to led zeppelin threads the more my answer is - 'over the hills and far away' - i love that track
  10. WoodstockChild

    WoodstockChild Intrepid Traveler!

    I forgot The Ocean!
  11. OddOneOut

    OddOneOut Member

    Misty Mountain Hop
  12. Greengirl

    Greengirl Senior Member

    In my time of dying,MOby Dick,Down by the seaside,The Ocean,Since ive been loving you,Over the hills and far away,The rain song,The song ramains the same....man they r just 2 many!
  13. WoodstockChild

    WoodstockChild Intrepid Traveler!

    Good stuff man! Ooooh! Immigrant Song!
  14. driftwood_74

    driftwood_74 Level 88

    My fav. is When the Levee Breaks. I like to listen to it when I'm out working in the rain.
  15. zeppelin kid

    zeppelin kid Member

    I like dazed and confused a lot. The beginning is awesome and at the end when the guitars and drums build up for the last lines is sick and sometimes I will just listen to the end part and go all out. Kashmir is another one of my favorites also.
  16. WoodstockChild

    WoodstockChild Intrepid Traveler!

  17. TheLizardQueen

    TheLizardQueen horny for knowledge

    What is and what should never be, misty mountain hop, whole lotta love,
  18. AerialReaver

    AerialReaver Member

    Imigrant Song
  19. sourdiesel06

    sourdiesel06 Member

    This is tough but if I had to pick one I'd have to say Achilles' Last Stand. I can't think of a single Zeppelin song that I don't like.
  20. mushroomherb

    mushroomherb Member

    i hate to be on the band wagon... but i love stairway to heaven so freggin much

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