Favorite Janis Joplin album

Discussion in 'Music' started by hippie_1986, May 24, 2006.

  1. hippie_1986

    hippie_1986 Member

    whats your favorite Janis Joplin album?
  2. LK1

    LK1 Member

    Pearl... Of course I know more than 50 percent of the posters will say this but i really really really do love Pearl
  3. samson

    samson Hepcat

    The earlier the better for me - my fave non-bootleg would be the first big brother and the holding company self titled album.

    what a voice!
    I like hearing the other guys sing too, all their songs are great
  4. :D Lol yeah, I'm definitly going with Pearl. Ball & Chain is just fucking awesome!
  5. MichaelByrd1967

    MichaelByrd1967 Garcia Wannabe

    I'm stuck between Kozmic Blues and Pearl.
  6. LK1

    LK1 Member

    Theres not really a big variety to choose from... should be something like "whats your fave SONG by ms. Joplin?".... How unfortunate that she only had time for 3 albums... unfortunate and sad.
  7. Dynamite J

    Dynamite J Member

    I like anything she has done. Janis is my favorite female singer. It saddens me that's she's no longer around. Such an amazing voice! :)
  8. morcheeba

    morcheeba Member

    Pearl:). All of her albums are great though.

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