Favorite Flesh Light Combo?

Discussion in 'Masturbation' started by TehMeansThe, Apr 24, 2007.

  1. TehMeansThe

    TehMeansThe Member

    For those of you guys who don't know:


    Best money spent on me in a long time. This thing feels excellent; used by myself or if the girlfriend uses it on me.

    For other people who have this, what combo do you have/ what's you favorite combo for this toy?

    I personally love mine that's a medium hole with the 'wonder wave'. My wonderwave feels AMAZINGi also have one that's a medium hole with the 'speed bumps' and the last one is simply the 'super tight'. The speed bums are my second fav while the super tight is my least fav: it's almost too tight, but is good for the shower.

    What do you guys have/ love?
  2. w.w.winkie

    w.w.winkie Member

    Fleshlight is good but nothing compares to your own hand - the best sex aid by far!!

    I have been masturbating for a few years now and I have tried most contraptions. I find my hand/s so versatile, don't forget they are controlled by the most powerful computer in the universe. I can alter speed, touch, pressure constantly. Mechanical masturbators are lovely the first few times you use them then they start to get very boring.

    The Fleshlight does produce an intensely pleasurable wank but it is always the same. I find it makes me ejaculate far too quickly - then you have to wash the sodding thing.

    The Fleshlight is like comparing a night out hitting a bottle of strong whisky to a few pints of good beer. The whisky will get you pissed quickly whereas a long session on the beer with your mates is much preferable.

    So endeth the lesson.
  3. StrokeMe

    StrokeMe Member

    I have the stu myself
  4. hehehe... that makes me giggle
  5. w.w.winkie

    w.w.winkie Member

  6. *Andy*

    *Andy* Senior Member

    Heh, I wouldn't mind one of these but I'd prefer an ass shaped one. See this is why being straight sucks - you don't get any punani for so long that you have to use a virtual one.
  7. StrokeMe

    StrokeMe Member

    Thats the model dumbass
  8. w.w.winkie

    w.w.winkie Member


    Free English lesson No.1:-

    'That is the Model name you DUMB ARSE'

    Post me in 3 weeks time when you have grasped this lesson and I will send you lesson number 2.


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