Fave Veg/Animal Rights Books?

Discussion in 'Vegetarian' started by ophelia68977, Aug 16, 2005.

  1. ophelia68977

    ophelia68977 Member

    What are your fave animal rights books?

    These are some of the ones I read and liked:

    "May All Be Fed: Diet For a New World" (vegan/environmental)
    "When Elephants Weep" (amazing book about animals' emotions)
    "How it all Vegan" (a recipe book)
    "Raising Vegan Children in a Nonvegan World" (not that I have children yet, but this book seemed so interesting I had to order it.)
    "Becoming Vegan" (nutrition and health reasons for going vegan)

    oh, and a cool book about the powers of animals:
    "Dogs That Know When Their Owners are Coming Home"

    I didn't put the authors names because I don't feel like getting up and finding them.

    I really want to read Animal Liberation. Anyone read that?
  2. Sage-Phoenix

    Sage-Phoenix Imagine

    I really like 'Becoming vegan' and 'How it all vegan' too. :)
  3. .::INCUBUS::.

    .::INCUBUS::. Member

    A friend of mine is going to lend me the book 'Slaughterhouse: The Shocking Story of Greed, Neglect, and Inhumane Treatment Inside the U.S. Meat Industry'

    and I'm planning on buying 'Vegan: the new ethics of eating'

    I checked out some reviews of 'when elephants weep' after seeing you own it and I found it used (in great condition!) on the net for .99 cents! I can't wait to read it!
    While I Love ALL animals my favorite is the Elephant and when I saw the title it really caught my eye :)

    I'd also very soon like to buy 'Becoming Vegan' 'Don't Drink Your Milk' and 'Mad Cowboy' I've heard great reviews on all of them :)
  4. Elle

    Elle Senior Member

    The Vegan Sourcebook by Joanne Stephaniak

    right now i'm finishing up the book The Pig Who Sang to the Moon: The Emotional Lives of Farm Animals...by Jeffery Masson ....same author of when elephants weep.
    excellent book!
  5. Animal Liberation by Peter Singer is my absolute favorite! It's extremely informative!!
  6. kayte

    kayte Member

    i like the raw book by renee loux undercloffer. forgot the title, but if you seach under her name, you'll find it. it's amazing; she's friends with woody harrelson, so it's interesting in that...also, man, it's chock full of everything you need to know about food. although it's a raw book, she goes into extensive detail about just about every necessary food - how it works in your body, etc.
    highly recommended.
  7. ophelia68977

    ophelia68977 Member

    Is the author vegan? I've seen raw food books that actually teach about eating raw meats and milk, etc. And I don't read those because I could never take food advice from anyone who's not vegan.


    animal ingredients A to Z- great resource for new and old vegans alike

    Vegan planet is a awesome cookbook easy to find ingredients and easy to make
  9. drumminmama

    drumminmama Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    The inadvertant veggie book: Upton Sinclair's The Jungle (workers rights. I like Schlosser's Fast Food Nation on this front, too)
    The Female Vegetarian Avery-Grant (vegan)
    Tassajara Cookbook (veggie simple cooking, very focused on a few ingredients. Aside form one mention of bacon bits(?!?!?!) this is lacto-veg. Great basics for newbies to the kitchen, including the suggestion of a cleaver knife)
    Food for the Spirit - Steven J Rosen
    Haggadah for the Liberated Lamb- Roberta Kalechofsky
  10. kayte

    kayte Member

    yeah, renee loux undercloffer is as raw and vegan as a lovely woman can get! no raw meat for her! (geez, the thought...)
    drumminmama...bacon bits i've seen are mostly made outta soy protein. not positive, but i believe even bacos are.
  11. Elle

    Elle Senior Member

    ^^^yeah but bacon bits, even though made from soy, contain "natural flavoring". (bacon flavoring?) maybe not all but atleast the ones ive seen.
  12. drumminmama

    drumminmama Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    We are talking a all natural food commune in the late 60s on to now. the reference was bacon, crumpbled bacon. A slip, I hope.
  13. Boogabaah

    Boogabaah I am not here

    i'm in the middle of two good books right now.

    "mad cowboy" by howard lyman.. he's the guy that was on oprah and got sued along with her by the meat industry.

    "diet for a new america" by john robbins.. he was the heir to the baskin-robbins ice cream fortune and turned it down because he seen everyone around him dying at a young age from all the garbage they were eating.

    "slaughterhouse" by gail eisnitz is really good too.. but if you have a weak stomache i don't think you should read it.. very graphic
  14. .::INCUBUS::.

    .::INCUBUS::. Member

    I Just finished reading 'Mad Cowboy' too and I really Loved it, Great book! I got it used on amazon for just under 4 dollars, and it was in great condition!
    I'm gonna lend it to my Dad to read, he has some health problems and was thinking about going veggie to better his health (and after reading the book maybe many other reasons) and I think this book may help him make his final decision.

    I am interested in reading 'diet for a new america' it sounds interesting! I'll check it out :)

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