Father's Day

Discussion in 'Holiday Crafts' started by cerridwen, May 21, 2007.

  1. cerridwen

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    since there's a Mother's Day thread, I thought I'd start up a Father's Day thread...

    So what are we crafting up for our dads, dads in law, granddads, etc?

    I'm still debating between a few projects - my father in law liked the slippers I knit for my mother in law, so I may have to knit him up a pair in blue. As for my dad, I found a book with woodcarving designs in it, since he's into wood carving...
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    my dad lives sevral provinces away from me so i get to see him for about a month or less a year. It really really sucks because he can't see my day to day life and i can't experiance his. So me and my mom have been taking pictures of me, just random ones around home and on bike rides and me playing volleyball. Then i put them on my computer and convert them into coloring book photos( it's a program on kodak easy share). i put a little caption below each one and wrote him a letter at the end. I'm going to send it soon, can't wait till he gets it
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    what a great idea shine crazy diamond!!! i made my dad a calendar one year with photos of me my brother n sister, he really like it,,,cuz each month had a different photo of us all, some from the past when we were all younger and some recent.:)

  4. The Smiling Frog

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    The photo thing is a great idea. I wish I could think of something to make for my father. I see him every day, but maybe he would like a photo book.
    He isn't into sports or hunting (thankfully). He's so hard to buy or make anything for though.
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    Well, I have to work, but my husband and my siblings are going tohelp my dad tear down an old barn tomorrow. That's what he asked for.

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