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    How came a nigga could hold me
    and stay he love me.
    And my father can't I try my hardest
    not to cry but,on the real it tears me
    up inside.I go to a nigga to solve my pain.
    Even if i know he playing games.

    Your hardly home
    mom and us stay alone
    talking about wish and shoulds?
    How come you don't take me out?
    A fucking nigga would go all out.
    The things you say make me want to run away.
    It's either a lie or will, it's never now.

    Mom crys at time
    and you run the same lines
    It hurts to her cry than it brings
    tears to my eyes. She say one day
    she'll pack up and leave.
    This shit i just dont belive.
    She is my heart nothing in this world will tear us apart.

    Can you grow up and be my dad.
    Instead of making me so sad
    Maybe I'm the only one that feels this way. Fuck
    my mom stilled stayed. I appreciate every thing
    do, even if every thing I write is true.
    With out a mom i couldn't do, with out a dad Iwill get though
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    crumbs. your poetry is very emotional, and very wellwritten. makes me think the pain is real...*hugs*:(

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