Far, far away

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Phoenix, May 17, 2004.

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    Sometimes I want to run far, far away
    From a world where I’m unknown and misunderstood
    From a life full of pain and disappointment
    The highs seem so low when they’re let down
    And what is the lasting truth of reality?

    Old friends gone by and forgotten
    New ones yet unmade
    I am alone with a vision unmanifested

    Existing only for a hope of heaven
    To take the place of the hell I know.

    Tidal wave after tidal wave of cynicism from the masses
    Sweeps over me and I find myself drowning
    Without support
    The light within dims, not yet strong enough
    To remain lit in the constant wind.

    I reach out for help in the darkness
    Waiting for your hand to lift me up.

    Love & Peace,
    Julie (Phoenix)
  2. saffronfrancisburnet

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    i recall a time i felt weak and wanted needed some help some kind hand

    this is very lovely to read

    feel strong to live and write
    keep your head know your heart always
    love n peace from saff

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