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Discussion in 'Vegetarian' started by drumminmama, Jan 8, 2005.

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    Welcome to the Vegetarian Forum.
    We are here to support fellow veggies and educate others about the diet, lifestyle and day-to day life of herbivores.

    Some basic business:

    While Hipforums is a free speech site, the owner does not have to support attacks or trolling and, as moderator, I am entrusted to keep some semblance of order in here.

    I will combine threads of similar questions, usually in the first few pages. I will rename combined threads, if need be, for clarity.

    Combined threads will have the responses folded in chronological order, so the reply string can look odd. off-topic posts will be sent to a more appropriate forum with a redirect.

    Many members of the site are well-versed in aspects of herbivore life and will try to answer questions as best they can.

    Please be respectful and contribute, and keep your sense of humor.

    Happy posting!

    Onto what you are really seeking:

    Omnivores and new vegetarians and vegans often have a lot of questions. Hopefully this thread will answer those questions.

    I have included a list of good veg*an (means veggie and vegan) sites.

    Inclusion on this list does not mean that the content is endorsed by anyone at all. ;)

    Know the source from WHOIS or however you wish to judge the accuracy. The Web is a strange place with some good, bad, and ugly ideas. Surf protected by common sense.

    Basic Dietary Info:
    updated October 2010
    Basic Dietary Info:


    More links from the Vegetarian Resource Group:

    Nutrition -- The Vegetarian Resource Group
    info on protien, calcium, iron and B-12 specifically and heath matters in general

    Vegetarian Society Info Sheet:

    Vegan Society of the UK:
    Nutrition and health

    US government source:
    Food and Nutrition Information Center

    What about PETA?
    Some individual members of the site are supporters others are not.
    Hipforums has no connection to PETA or official position.
    The moderator is a former member. (2001)

    Distinctions in the veggie world:
    The most common tags to describe various vegetarian diets are:
    lacto-ovo (consumes milk and eggs), Lacto- (milk, no eggs), Ovo- (eggs, no milk), vegan (no animal or insect byproducts, usually including honey).

    2017 ETA: Vegan is a philosophy. The diet is a large piece of it, but it goes beyond that.
    I hear the terms pure vegetarian for all plant diets, as well as plant based, plant strong, nutritarian, and several others.

    Sub divisions include but are not limited to: fruitarian (only eats regenerative parts of a plant: seeds, fruit, some harvested leaves) raw vegan (food is never heated above 160 F)

    People pursuing the veggie diet who still eat fish, poultry or any other flesh are still omnivores.
    We support your journey, but we might not teach you the secret handshake. :p
    We do note pescatarianism, fish eating, as a close cousin.

    Peas, lovage and understanding,
    forum moderator
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    another site discussing B12.
    note under pharmacokineticks this:
    Total absorption increases with increased intake of the vitamin. However, the absorption efficacy of the vitamin decreases with increased dosage. Studies with cyanocobalamin found that 50% of the vitamin was absorbed at a dose of one microgram, 20% at a dose of 5 micrograms and about 5% at a dose of 25 micrograms. Significantly, very large doses of B12 are absorbed with an absorption efficiency of about one percent. This occurs via passive diffusion even in the absence of intrinsic factor. Thus, large oral doses may be given for the treatment of B12 deficiency instead of using the parenteral route (usually, intramuscularly). There are now several studies confirming this. The absorption efficiency of B12 from foods is approximately 50%.
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    good info, thx
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    for sharing the info, it is helpful...and I really appreciate the links that you shared!
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