Family rejection of vegetarianism? Does this sound strange to anyone else here?

Discussion in 'Vegetarian' started by littlelily, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. littlelily

    littlelily Member

    I've read a few post about peoples parent's rejecting the idea of them becoming vegetarians. Why? It seems so strange to me. When I became veggie my parents said, make sure you're getting enough...protein etc. From there they comepletely supported me. Why wouldn't they??????????????? What are the negative notions about vegetarianism? I've heard about us needing to eat the right things so we can get enough protein, iron...etc., but simply reading a book could tell you that there are more than enough vegetarian sources of those nutrients.
  2. claireloise

    claireloise random hippie

    i dont know what it is at all, my dad seems to have some kind of fixation with protein, despite the fact that i have repeatedly told him that i am getting plenty, bordering on too much, my mum is really supportive and thinking of going vegetarian herself but my dad is adamant that you need meat to survive.
  3. cognitive conflict leading to disequilibrium leading to the alteration of the way we think or view the world! A very common theory you learn when studying education and something which I think is totally operating in these situations. It can go both ways, you either adapt and shift your views to accomodate new ones or you cling to the old ones rejecting anything new as this can threaten your sense of the world. (the world is flat my dear!!)
    time quite often is needed for situations where people are clinging to one pont of view therefore patience is needed from those with an alternative one.
  4. Dakota's Mom

    Dakota's Mom Senior Member

    I think a lot of parents feel like you are rejecting them when you become veggie. They brought you up eating meat. You stop eating meat. You must be rejecting them. They can't deal with that so they reject the idea of you not eating meat.

  5. 3littlebirds

    3littlebirds Member

    I think that's the problem most of the time.
    Most people I've met that had problems with vegetarians were ignorant.
    Some people take longer than others to come around and realize new things can be okay.
  6. drumminmama

    drumminmama Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    look at what meat represents in Western culture, and in say, Mughal culture (Muslim India):
    wealth, status, power, worldliness
    Vegetarian diets were for the poor, religious (Eastern, concerned with reviling the physical world), or the penitent.

    When we decide to not eat the "best" our family (and society) offers, it is, as Kathi said, a rejection of them or the value system you were taught.
    A meat culture sees meat as the top of the pyramid, and the other foodstuffs as less than the best.
    people "give up" meat in our cultures.
    Only recently have we started to think in terms of "embracing" a plant diet.
  7. the mere fact vegetarians exists is proof you don't need meat to survive
  8. claireloise

    claireloise random hippie

    you'd think! :)
  9. hummblebee

    hummblebee hipstertist.

    I think it also has a lot to do with guilt. Most of the time when I encounter that "you can't live a *healthy* life without meat" attitude I think guilt is the real culprit. They don't want to admit that you are, in fact, living a healthy life without, and that you've just knocked down their whole pyramid of excuses for living and participating in a culture of torture.

    I was guilty of it myself in the years I lived as a pescatarian. Every time (though there weren't many) that I made a health-related excuse for eating fish, eggs, and dairy, it was just to cover up the guilt I was feeling over it. When I finally made the step to stop that guilt and live my life without those things, I became healthier than I had been in years! :)
  10. littlelily

    littlelily Member

    You're right! Some people do feel this way. I have to question that belief. How can people have the opinion that eating a dead animal is parallel to wealth and status....haha. "OH I'M SO CLASSY BECAUSE I EAT DEAD COWS." hahahaha.
  11. myself

    myself just me

    I think it must be because parents are just concerned about their children's health and well-being. They are sure that being an omnivore is the only healthy way.
  12. emsterino

    emsterino Member

    Its kinda funny, with me, cause It wasnt a problem with my dad with the health aspects, he was just didnt want me to become a "radical tree-huggin' hippie". Lol. oops! sorry dad! lol. But now hes supportive of me, and its funny because its like hes proud of me: He'll introduce me to his co-workers or what not "this is my daughter, shes a vegitarian". Lol. I think with all parents, once they see thier child make a decision that will make them happier, the parents start to see that its alright.
  13. Mr. Mojo Risin'

    Mr. Mojo Risin' Senior Member

    My mom said she wishes I'd 'become normal again'. But she stills cooks me vegetarian meals and doesn't whine constantly. Just sometimes : D
  14. TokenWhiteKid

    TokenWhiteKid Member

    my mother got so pissed when i went vegetarian while I was living with her.
    but i guess thats cause i started to go vegan almost right after.
    i think it was because it made it harder for her to shop at first.
  15. AT98BooBoo

    AT98BooBoo Senior Member

    My pholks have been vegetarians for over 40 years. They raised my brother and I on this diet so they gave us grief when we started eating meat. I gave up meat when I turned 30 so they were thrilled to find out about it.
  16. black_raven

    black_raven Member

    My mom says that eating meat is natural because that's what the primitive man did so that's what we should do. My dad (and my bf and the rest of my family) all say that meat is essential to survival and being healthy and vegetarians are just stupid. But my mom and granny support me (and veggies) and the rest give me crap for it.
  17. Seashell

    Seashell Member

    My parents had a BIG issue with vegetarianism when I decided to switch. They weren't so much adamant that I couldn't survive without meat; they just didn't understand why I'd want to. It was unreal how much I got made fun of.
  18. cassie92b

    cassie92b Member

    my mom supports me being a vegetarian and my dads okay with it, he just doesnt understand why someone would not want to eat me, he liks to joke around with me && ask me if i want a hamburger or something, sometimes it makes me laugh but other times it doesnt.

    now my cousin's parents wont allow her to be a vegetarian due to the fact that they all eat as a family every night && her mom doesnt want her to be eating something different than the rest of them.

    i believe that it is very wrong to not let your child do what they want with their life, especially if its something that improves your health.
  19. emsterino

    emsterino Member

    i agree.
  20. my dad simply just doesnt understand it. my mum admires me for being veggie, but they refuse to let me be vegan

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