Family giving me problems about my girlfriend

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  1. Hello! I need to get everything off my chest and get advice from people that understand how I feel. I met my girlfriend about a year ago at our job. At the time I was 17, she was 28. We were friendly but we waited to really start talking until I was 18. Once I turned 18, about a month later, we started talking a lot and started to spend a lot of time together. I met her 2 (now 3) year old son who liked me very quickly, which shocked her because he is a very shy boy. I also met her ex wife and her family. All was good, but we still took things very slow due to our age difference. To be honest, when together, we NEVER realize the age difference. I am very mature for my age, and she is a bit immature sometimes. We are in love and love each other very much. My family has been giving me a hard time since we've been together. (She is my first girlfriend so it's the first time I'm out) my mother found out by snooping around. At first my parents went insane. My mother threatened to punch my gfs windows in, call dyfs on her because she claimed she could get her in trouble for talking to my at 17, which is impossible because we were strictly friendly coworkers at that time. My father went into our job and told her to stay away from me. I couldn't take all the verbal abuse from them and I went to my grandmothers for a week until my mom asked me back and basically started letting me see her again. My mother decided to go a bit insane and researched my gf and found out about a misdemeanor she got 10 years ago when she was 18, which my gf told me about while we were just friends. It didn't bother me because I know how teens could be and she has not been in any trouble since. My mother tried using this against her for a while too. Now, all of that ended in December. Since them my mother hasn't been that annoying about us. I've stayed at my girlfriends plenty, she's stayed at my home plenty. My mother isn't always estatic about it but she really had not much of a choice. Now, just 2 weeks ago, on my graduation day I fell and broke my ankle. My girlfriend and mother were the only two people that have taken any intuitive in caring for me. My gf has been nothing but nice to my mom trying to help my mother around the house and me. To be honest I like my gf better because obviously she cheers me up as I've been depressed. Now just the other day my mother decides to get mad because I keep wanting my girlfriend to stay over night and help me. My mother got sick of me asking and started going off about my gf saying all the same stuff she use to say and basically trying to break us up and saying she can't stay at all now. I was so upset I called my aunt to get me bc I didn't want my gf to come because my mother is crazy when she is mad. I would probably had left had my ankle not been broken and restricting me from even walking. My mother basically said to leave and not come back but wouldn't allow my gf to come get me, knowing I'm stuck in bed. Now my aunt came and my mother calmed down and I decided to stay since she threatened to take away health insurance if I leave, which I obviously need right now because I just had surgery. Anyway, my gf is at her witts end with my family and is sick of it all. I don't blame her I would be too. I am sick of them too but right now I am basically stuck here. I just don't know what to do because I'm sick of my family degrading the woman that I love so much. I still want her to come over though because I know I can't go over a month seeing her. She is the only person who puts me out of a depression while I'm like this. She does crafts and cuddles me while I'm sleepy or anything. I just don't know what to do right now. :(
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    Get your aunt to take your mum out then sneak your gf in, once you get better then as you are 18, ask if you can move in with your gf, cos your mum doesn't have any parental consent now you are an adult. If you want anyone to talk to then just message me :) xxx
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    Oh How sorrowful Sorry to hear that.
    Hope you'll get what you need soon. Don't feel hopeless.
  4. Now my mother has gone through my mail, opened my bank statement and is freaking out because she sees I've helped my gf financially. Not even, just helped pay for meals and little stuff. Now she wants her to come so she can physically attack her for "using" me. Like wtf. People in relationships help each other all the time. I'm so sick of this.
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    Just tell your mum, you are old enough to look after yourself and old enough to treat your gf if you wish, tell your mum to mind her own business and not to open your mail, i'm always here if you want to chat xxx

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