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  1. Everyone knows there are fakes in this world (more than there used to be I think). Those that follow the trends, get swept up in the materialistic side of the world, the 'posers' and 'wannabes' of every culture, society, etc. I've always fought hard against becoming a fake. My parents are divorced and my dad is very 'All-American' materialism, money, fakeness. My mom is the one who taught me to think for myself and raised me to just...live how I want to live (screw what society says) and the only laws I need to follow are the morals and beliefs that I was raised with. I try my hardest to fight against conformity and just be myself, and I'd like to think I do a pretty good job of that. But, there are times that I think "Am I doing this to impress someone? Am I saying this to fit in?" And I second guess myself and I hate it...I hate thinking that what I do and what I am is a fake. Ya know? Iunno...lmao
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    i think as long as you are happy with what you are doing, then there shouldn't be no problems but since you have your doubts then maybe there is something wrong.
    im 18 and i question myself about very same things you do and it's frustrating. in the end tho it ends up me doing what i feel comfortable and happy with. you just have to get away from everything and think about what really makes you happy and stick with it. don't do things to impress others, do your own thing.
  3. That's what I try to do and I think I figured out the problem to why I get in those moods. First, I'm diagnosed bipolar which I think has a little bit to do with me getting manic and all kinds of shit that I've talked out with a few others. Also, seven years of living with my day during my most impressionable years...I'm lucky I'm as independent as I am and I think my problems with my concern if I'm fake have more to do with his brainwashing (I sound like a crazy lady now lmao) than with me really being fake...Ya know?
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    :) shit life's a roller coaster you have good days and then some bad ones. of course it's amazing when everything goes the way you want it to go. i just think life's whatever you make out of it. it's all in your thoughts. if you think you are fake then it'll be that way. as far as doing and saying things to fit in, fck it, its the people you hang out with its not you. maybe you just need people that you feel comfortable to be around.
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    Lot's of fakes. I remember when punk rock stood for something. Now you got kids running around with Green Day shirts and wallets that they got at Target thinking they are punks. All they are now are a heard of cattle rounded up by the music corporation to be part of the machine. Pathetic bunch these kids are who stand for NOTHING...

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