Faint & Sick After Sex...PLZ REPLY!!

Discussion in 'Sexual Health' started by makelovenotwar, May 2, 2007.

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    Hi...me and my bf had sex and right after I stood up to put clothes back on i felt faint and so i walked to the fridge to get something cold to drink because i thought it might help and i dont remember sitting down but i almost passed out and fell backwards and I blacked out and all i remember was him coming over to me....So I laid down for a lil while and i started feeling nauseous and really dizzy and i was sweating really bad and then i thought i felt better so i wanted to take a cool shower and i was still a little lightheaded but when i got in the shower i couldnt see and my ears were ringing and i couldnt stand up so i got out, but i dont remember getting out or even walking back to his room, i just remember laying down and asking for sumthin cool to drink. I felt weird all night and this morning i woke up and i feel so exhausted and nauseous...does anyone know why or how this all happened...PLEASE HELP because im freakin out
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    Hmm..I've had this happen to me (to a lesser degree) after a long wank. I think you need to regulate your breathing more because if you hold your breath while humping for too long, not enough oxygen will reach your brain...I'm guessing. Maybe see your doctor about it, but maybe you just need to loosen up a bit and make sure that you breathe properly :)
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    BREATH SWEETIE BREATHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i once had sex and damn, i pounded it soo hard and it was soo good. after about 2 or 3 minutes i went back to the living room and BAMMMM, i felt soo sick and felt like i was gonna pass out. i had to go outside cuz i was soo hot and get cold and drink cold water.

    it was becasue i was outta shape back then. and damn, i put that sex in overdrive big time! HEHE just breathe good and try to get into shape a lil bit more
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    It sounds like me like your blood pressure - especially after a damn good rodgering it might have been raised - if you go for a stroll or move after it will go all over the place.
    There isnt much you can do if thats what it is really apart from chilling after
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    Yeah, have you got high blood pressure? It sounds like that might be the problem so maybe see your doc about it?

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