Discussion in 'Sex Polls' started by ion, Apr 12, 2013.

  1. ion

    ion Guest

    Do ANY women really have good orgasms from receiving anal play by tongue?
    My girlfriend will sit on my face when I ask, but she doesn't really get off on it.
  2. silk896

    silk896 Member

    Umm. the clitoris is on our front.

    Licked clitoris = orgasm.

    Licked botty is fun, very erotic, but orgasm would be very diffucult.

    I vote: NO!
  3. ion

    ion Guest

    Thank you for the response.
    You are probably right.
  4. Inca

    Inca Member

    It's a nice sensation but not orgasmic. My hubby on the other hand loves his bum licked - I am guessing for a man it might be a stronger sensation.
  5. Mike0606

    Mike0606 Member

    Ive been with a couple women who could orgasm from receiving analingus. It really depends. Some women i've been with feel nothing, some go crazy.
  6. GBBlondie

    GBBlondie Banned

    There's a video on a porn site (don't recall which) where a woman rims a guy until he cums (without her doing anything else to him). But yeah, I've never heard of a female cumming from simple anal stimulation by a tongue.
  7. Mike0606

    Mike0606 Member

    Wow, really? That i would say is impossible, but I guess nothing is impossible.
  8. Mike0606

    Mike0606 Member

    Wow, yeah, apparently not impossible. When I've been with women who can get off from getting a rim job, it was that combined with them touching/rubbing their clit in conjunction. Both said that couldnt do it from just clit play alone, so for some the asshole really is an erogenous zone.
  9. Mike0606

    Mike0606 Member

    Also, uh, is that a long time for a girl on guy rimjob? Almost 10 min:love:
  10. Inca

    Inca Member

    Depends.... I usually do my hubby until he is so turned on he just wants to fuck or me give him a full BJ.

    Tonight I gave him a massage and then played with his anus for half an hour (tongue and fingers) but that length of time has it's drawbacks as he is so stimulated by the end of it he tends to come much quicker when penetrating me afterwards.

    10 mins is about the norm what I do.
  11. Mike0606

    Mike0606 Member

    I think 10 min is the max ive gone down in that area on a woman, or have seen someone someone else do it.
  12. countryguy69

    countryguy69 Guest

    My wife has orgasms from me licking her ass, it takes a few minutes, but she loves me tounge fucking her asshole.

    I also like it but have never cum from it.
  13. babyjay

    babyjay Senior Member

    I think it would be necessary to do other things for stimulation.
  14. hubbygonwild

    hubbygonwild Guest

    I was with a girl that had intense orgasms from nipple play with no other stimulation....so why not, your brain is your main sex organ:love:
  15. schl0ngzilla

    schl0ngzilla Guest

    my gf gets an orgasm from me licking her asshole and tongue fucking it.I also like it when she does it to me.
  16. Running Man

    Running Man Guardian

    I love to rim my wife and she has had orgasms as I've licked her anus but only because I was fingering her pussy and clit at the same time. I've never given her an orgasm purely by licking or fingering her anus. (Worse luck!)
  17. Just_a_woman

    Just_a_woman Member

    I love it, but I can't orgasm from it. After a while, I'm just so horny and all want is his cock in my ass and a good anal fuck.
  18. Hotbabe1024

    Hotbabe1024 Member

    I love to be rimmed, just love it feels great but it has never made me cum. I know girls can cum with different things, anal nipples stuff like that, for me I vaginal play, clit will do, or gspot if you are good
  19. chili

    chili Member

    My girl loves it, and I love to lick her ass. It doesn't make her cum though .

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