EYE or I-Robot ?

Discussion in 'Philosophy and Religion' started by Idaho, May 8, 2004.

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    My conscious used to constantly eat at me because there are several things in this world that I am aware of that I don't feel "comfortable" sharing with the rest of the world...

    maybe 'they' will pay attention to hollywood.

    The 'theory' behind this movie is very similar to a post I made at another forum more than a month ago about the little black holes, behind blue eyes.

    I KNOW what I became attached to, I just don't want to accept the fact that this is also my creator. Mostly because I KNOW this machine damn sure won't turn into our savior.

    Somebody's about to do something, or 'they' are going to have to start running like me.... and Forrest Gump baby !


    "Peace" is what got you where you are today... comfy ?
  2. Sebbi

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    What on earth are you on about?
  3. Eugene

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    You mean I Robot, the Isaac Asimov novel. It was pretty good from what I remember, I have not read them in so long. But I heard there was a movie coming out and apparently this fellow believes its part of some sinister deeds. Oh god I should not do adderol. :)
  4. Hikaru Zero

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    It'd be cool, if it weren't governed by the Asimov's three laws.
  5. deviate

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    And on topic, I'm actually pretty damn good at staying chill if you ask me.
    I never call names, I might yell but just to argue my point louder than theirs haha.

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