Experiences with animals (while on drugs) =P

Discussion in 'Psychedelics' started by Geneity, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. Geneity

    Geneity self-proclaimed advocate

    I see a lot of people around here have had experiences with either their pets or just random animals while high, tripping, ect. So I made a forum where people could tell about them. I'm interested in hearing. [​IMG]

    I've often wondered what it would be like to have a cat or dog while on drugs to play with. I think it'd be great. I have a fish tank with a bunch of different wildlife in it, but nothing in there is something I could have an experience with. Although it is really amazing to watch it while I'm tripping.

    The only time I've ever been around an animal while high was at a friends house. He has 2 cats, and one of them was downstairs when we came down from smoking a few bowls. I sat there petting it and basically hanging out with it rubbing all over me for a good while. It was pretty fun. =P
  2. Archemetis

    Archemetis Senior Member

    i was alone in the middle of the jungle coming down from the most intence trip of my life (ego death....transendence....that sort of thing), and i was approached by a wild cat, who just came and sat on a rock in front of me. we just observed each other for a while...there was some kind of unspeakable connection in the moment. it was real as far as i could tell (flesh and blood) ...i mean it wasnt a hallucination. but i dont believe it was really a cat, for a few reasons ( i mean there was a cat there but it was more of a guise...it wasnt a cat spirit), its mostly the vibe that leads me to believe this, but also the land i was on was a very sacred power spot and there is alot of intence spiritual activity there. magic is not a myth in the jungle.

    another time i was tripping on mushrooms at the mushroom festival in telluride, and i had just left a lecture all about power plants and shamanic cultures, and the guy giving the lecture spoke for a moment about the deer, and its role in shamanism as a powerful animal spirit....that night i was in a freinds car outside of town (still tripping) and i got out to take a leak and when i looked around i noticed there were hundreds of deer surrounding me, staring at me. no exageration....there were more deer gathered than iv ever seen in my live....hundreds. it was kind of intence and a little spooky. they made no movements really, they were just standing there staring at me.
  3. Geneity

    Geneity self-proclaimed advocate

    Haha that's crazy. The deer thing is pretty awesome. The jungle cat thing seems pretty intense as well. I think I'd like get eaten tripping in the jungle, lol.
  4. RealitaT

    RealitaT Member

    yeah animals have that sixth sense that can tell your mood... and can dismantle a bad trip. also it may be cause your more tolerant to fuzzy things when your high... hehe
    my dogs can tell a mean drunk from jovial drunk or when to much has been drunk. animals usualy pick up cues in your voice and your posture, try it with your dog. in a high friendly voice say some random word, they will be very elated, and with the same word say it in a deep commanding voices and they'll shut down obediently. this is also how pets recognize their name with the same sound and tone, and know when their in trouble or being praised... etc.
    dogs on shrooms watching the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, didnt get it then and havnt watched it since, dogs were on the couch next tome cuddling each other and glancing around, which is weird cause there very competative and playfight alot... actually anytime they have the chance. when my dogs are stoned they'll just do what im doing, watching tv theyll jump on my lap or lay down and listen, wherever i go they follow. also animals love attention when they're high as the pleasure barrier has been decreased so even the simplest sensations are enjoyable. when im on the comp listening to music, as i am now, they lay down at my feet or lay down on the couch or something with their ears perked up and listening. also when im in my room playing 360 if i dont have my music on they're incredibly restless. if you get an animal stoned for the first time comfort it! its a different world to them and a bad first experiences resonates with the chemical intoxication over and over again making it horrible. comfort it by petting it and making it feel loved or play with it without being violent as they can become timid and remain that way! be especially careful with cats as all their senses are already heightened incredibly, and they could be hearing everything at once as sensory imputs are amplified and make em go weird for good. my friends cat got into or budmail mushrooms (amazonian) and even though it was only a few nibbles he has acted in a different manner ever since, overly agressive, no self control, paranoid or friendly.
  5. Aeshura

    Aeshura Member

    I have birds... I try to catch them... and I play with my shephard Mia. she loves it when I'm high, cause I get in the dirt and roll around. even bought a tug rope that's comfy for my mouth.
  6. MeatWagon499

    MeatWagon499 Senior Member

    my rabbit is uber cool on psychedelics, cuz it seems like he is constantly tripping as it is! dogs are hella tight on any drug lol
  7. Alloy

    Alloy Member

    My friend put some lines of coke on my dresser. He started talking and walked away from the dresser. My dog walked up to the dresser, tilted his head abit and did his other line. We laughed really hard. Then, he laid out another line to do himself, but started talking again and my dog did that line too. Turns out, My german shepherd loves cocaine. So we put a little bit on his nose sometimes and he just loves it.
  8. Archemetis

    Archemetis Senior Member

    that reminds me of another story. a few years back i got into meth for a bit, and one morning me and my friend walked into his room where we had left half a gram, to find his cat licking up the last of the pile. when he saw us he jumped up and ran out the door. he never came back. i saw him about a mile away a month later all gangly looking, wandering around.
  9. Rainbow.wine

    Rainbow.wine Member

    this reminds me of a time back in my beautifully e-tarded days i had some molly powder on a mirror on ym floor... waiting to be railed...well my fat ol cat, philly cheese walked up put her nose up to some of the sprinkled heaven dust and all of a sudded a nice kitty sized little bump dissapeared up her nose...... she kinda shook her head a little and then she just kinda rolled over on her back and started purring loudly and batting her paws up into the air... she did this for a good half hour or so..... this is the coolest cat in the world by the way.
  10. Archemetis

    Archemetis Senior Member

    jesus gawd!!! is that pippy longstalking smoking herb in your sig?^^^ now iv seen it all.
  11. Geneity

    Geneity self-proclaimed advocate

    Your animals snort drugs? I didn't know a dog or cat would think to do such a thing. Thats hysterical. I love the cat story. That sounds so adorable =P

    The dog and the coke though. Wtf? Your dog snorted lines of coke? That's crazy. Didn't he act all crazy and cracked out?
  12. PurpleGel

    PurpleGel Senior Member

    i think that rather than calling it the "sixth" sense, it should be called the most basic sense--the "root" sense--or the "first" or "primal" sense. this sense is so fundamentally tied to universal awareness; by that i mean the awareness of your current (and maybe future) position/occupation/role in a multi-dimensional environment. it's something so instinctual (which is why animals have it) yet we humans struggle to feel it because our minds are far too overactive; in fact, our general awareness is much, much below that of a common white-tail rabbit. only once you are truly in the present moment, breathing the essence of universal life, do you become rooted to the greater power/force--the universal driving factor--which is the quantum level where literally anything becomes possible (e.g. communication without structured language).
  13. WhisperingWoods

    WhisperingWoods too far gone

    Maaaan after my cat and I hit the bong (yeah, he does clear it, sorta), we connect even better than usual. It's crazy. He's a crazy telepath cat!
  14. Beckner420

    Beckner420 troll

    My dogs always look like furry dinosaurs when im tripping... it geeks me out.
  15. Daedalus

    Daedalus Member

    I was on day six of an eight day meth binge. So the sleep-deprived halucinations were just starting to get really interesting. I was at this girls house at like 5 in the morning when her dad came home, to say the least he would have been very angry to find me there. So I ran out the back door and hid behind the shed, waiting for her to give me the all clear. I look up and see a ten point buck standing about 20 feet away, staring straight at me. At this point I look around the yard and realize that I am between the buck and the only opening in the yard. House on one side, fence on 2 sides and the back was a very steep hill with a guardrail at the top. The buck and I excange looks of "wtf?" Now I'm thinking "OK, if this thing decides to lower its head and charge for the exit, I'm fucked!" Well, I was already into the depths of amphetamine psychosis and decided that if i didn't move it couldn't see me. Like I was in fucking Jurassic Park or something. So I froze dead in my tracks (read: made pitiful attempt to control the meth induced twitching.) Eventually something startled it and it fortunately ran up the steep ass hill and jumped the guardrail, scaring the girl who was looking for me cause she "Thought was the buck."

    Good times . . .
  16. akatweak

    akatweak Member

    I miss my dog Boss (akita/rot) lost him to parvo (get you pets vaccinated) we used to smoke out my truck with him in it and he'd just pass the fuck out then id poke at him and he'd stair at me like leave me the fuck alone and go back to sleep!!!
  17. mr.morrison

    mr.morrison Senior Member

    i never liked being around dogs when i was high. cats is ok, but i just get this feeling like whenever i walk by a guy walking his dog, that his dog can smell the thc in my blood and that its gonna rat me out
  18. i talked to my dog when i was on triple c. im not doin that shit again
  19. Ceda

    Ceda Member

    I remember one time, i was sitting alone in a field type woody place...a little stream running through..it was in summer...so you can imagine, your stoned, its sunny your completey relaxed and ....then comes along the butterflies, the bees....those damn wasps lol...I never really done drugs around any kind o animals, insects and soo I always wanted to see a butterfly..whilst high....

    wow is all i can say..shame it was only once...i know it might be something so simple but it was one of the most amazing things i have seen and been around..

    the wings were soft and slow through the air so yu could see them and hear it fly..
    and well it wasn't the most colourful thing around but i never seen an insect soi beautiful in my life. i just wish i could have a picture of it like that...but i cant even paint it how it was, because i cant get the picture to bring out the simple wonders of that moment

    Something so simple...but so wonderful
  20. MeowMix

    MeowMix Member


    My friends ferret was passed the fuck out quite literally and we thought she was dead or almost dead. Note:MY friends and I just got done smoking a lot of dank pot.

    To put it shortly we all freaked out..

    I ran into the kitchen grabbed a straw and was about to breath into the ferret in hopes of bringing it back to life.

    Once the straw was an inch away from its face sure enough

    The ferret woke up!

    YAY! <3

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