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Discussion in 'Barefoot' started by danmo, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. danmo

    danmo Member

    Hello one and all!

    I'm a 30yr old guy living in the north west of sunny old England. I'm fairly new to this Barefoot lifestyle (and to this forum too - its' fab to have so many like minded people in one place!) - I've been barefooting since September last year, and am taking as many opportunities as I can to go barefoot as it's so cool!

    I've started being a bit braver going barefoot with friends and at the church I go to (I lead worship sometimes, and although a few people have questioned my lack of shoes, they seem fine with it once I tell them that I just enjoy it, it's more comfortable than wearing shoes etc.). However, I still haven't told my (always shod) parents as I'm worried what they may think.

    I thought i would tap into the large experience base of this forum - Have any of you got any words / stories of encouragement or advice on how best to broach the subject with them, as I feel they should know, but don't know how to tell them?!

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Cool Spruce

    Cool Spruce Member

    For some reason, telling one's parents about some of these alternative lifestyles is the hardest thing to do. I've seen my share of it unfortunately. You've got to do what you've got to do, regardless. My dad always knew I was a real shorts and sandals freak, living in a cold climate, seemed to drive him nuts when I was younger. He finally got over that, but in the last year of his life here, he looked down and saw my toe ring. Seemed rather disgusted. Probably was a girly thing to him. It is since then that I've gotten more bravely into public barefooting. My mother is still alive, doesn't quite get all the bf stuff, but absolutely supports my shorts thing, in this nosey small town. Thing is, I'm clean about it all, and I work outside, and I think it looks right for me, despite my not being quite so young any more.

    I'd at least begin around the house, or wherever you see your parents. (Your place, or theirs, or whatever) They don't have to know the public part of it yet. I guess I'm thinking it doesn't have to be an all at once thing. I liked people to get used to seeing me in my way, gradually. Now, finally, at least in mid summer, I can call on a new client barefoot. Shorts were there all along. The coast is fairly liberal in this way. I imagine a few of them think "old hippie" when they see me, but it doesn't harm the relationship. But then there are those who don't think of me that way. It seems expected. Now, stores, well, that's another story and thread entirely!
  3. dude23

    dude23 Member

    My parents still don't know I'm a barefooter! I come from a very wealthy, snooty town in Connecticut where people just do NOT walk around barefoot. Now I live in Maryland and go barefoot all the time. I see my brother, who lives in Virginia, on most weekends, so he knows I'm a barefooter and is mostly cool with it. But as far as I'm concerned, Mom and Dad don't have to know. They'd think I was weird if they did.
  4. shedtroll

    shedtroll Peace, Love & Linux

    I asked my mum on bearfooting outdoors once and she said a resounding no...

    She bearfoots indoors and in the garden and so do I. But I'm gonna bearfoot in secret... :)
  5. txbarefooter

    txbarefooter Senior Member

    I don't mean to sound like you should ignore your mom, but good for you. go barefoot even if in secret. there is nothing wrong in going barefoot
  6. MirrorBallMan

    MirrorBallMan Member

    If you tell them they probably won't instantly accept it. It would take time for them to accept it. You should probably just tell them and try to explain to them the benefits that its healthy ect.

    It may take a little while but I am sure they will finally accept it. Plus you are 30 yrs old and you can assure them that being that age you are able to make good decisions for yourself.
  7. barefootswede

    barefootswede Member

    I´m no expert of this. I find it hard to talk about, there are so much feelings involved. I have actually never told that much to my parents. I just showed up barefoot at their house one day. As I went barefoot as a kid I didn´t expect them to be negative to the idea. I feel they are a little surprised I picked up the activity of going barefoot again.
    I don´t think you have to make that much of telling them, just go for it. Don´t make it a big deal. Let them know for now on you just chose to go barefoot.
    Read what you find about the subject of going barefoot so you get stronger and better could reply to their questions.
    You are just into a new part of your life. Do you use to tell when you change way of dressing, get a new hair cut? Maybe not?
    Everybody have to do it their own way. If all this about Alternative Lifestyles makes you stronger, use it. For me it´s more about making the comfortable, healthy, fun, down to earth choise.
  8. whichaxe

    whichaxe Member

    This is an issue?? Dude, you're 30! Move out, support yourself, and do what whatever.

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