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Discussion in 'Marijuana Growing' started by FreshPhish, Jan 29, 2005.

  1. FreshPhish

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    Well, it's been years since I've WANTED to start growing, and I'm just about at a point in my life where it can become a possibility. The question I have is, how much weight should I expect per watt? My friend says 1g/1wt, but he's full of shit most of the time. If this IS true, that'll be great b/c I don't have any interest in growing for cash, I want to grow for myself and a few select friends. Assuming 1 watt yields 1 gram, I couldn't possibly see needing more than 1000 watts. 1000 grams = 35 oz or a little over 2 lbs. Even rationed over 3 months, that's some pretty heavy smokage at appr. 11 grams a day. That really gets my motor running, so if anybody knows if this 1:1 ratio is right, tell me. And if it's not, well then tell me what is right. :p
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    I hope GuySmiley will see this and respond. He's got some experience with the yields of dirt growing. Lumpy might want to respond with achieving this yield hydroponically. b1
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    uh actually
    l would be more inclined to say 1/2 gram per watt once you begin to get a grip on indoor growing.maybe less before you get the hang of it.
    but once you get it down ,if you get the right setup for your grow area you should be able to get a gram per watt.might take a few grows to get it down
    unfortunately it takes a bit of cash to progress rapidly at this.
  4. tiedye0420

    tiedye0420 Member

    and that formula is per month of flowering.
    id try a 400 watt switchable, or a 500 watt dual if you can afford it.
  5. FreshPhish

    FreshPhish Member

    Elaborate, please. Also, I think I'll do it right the first time, as I'm going to have someone helping me that's got 25 yrs exp, and I've checked out his set ups

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