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Discussion in 'Health' started by squawkers7, Jan 28, 2005.

  1. squawkers7

    squawkers7 radical rebel

    Do you have a favorite exercise video for a beginner?
    I'm thinking of buying a video and was wondering which ones you would reccomend.
  2. lace_and_feet

    lace_and_feet Super Member

    I've heard really good things about the "walk away the pounds" series, but the only one's i've used are the old 'buns of steel' and jane fonda's 80's cardio workouts--which i do highly recommend...they're cheesey but damn it, they work!

    I'd also check www.healthboards.com in their exercise and weight loss categories if you don't get enough responses from here.
  3. HoneySuckleBlue

    HoneySuckleBlue Cosmic Artist

    Beachbody has a fun cd and it seems like pilates and boxing and aerobics all rolled into one, the guy is funny and it moves through different moves quick enough to keep you from focusing on how much each set bourns, I am always sweating and sore when I get done. Good stuff, I use it when I miss days at the gym because of sick kids and snow days :) .


    Never never buy Denise Austin...she's so annoying I could just slap her,I swear the next time I see her I will and tell her to stop it...just stop.

    My mom likes the FIRM, she says their whole series is good.
  4. Super_Grrl

    Super_Grrl Crazy love

    Tony Little's Target Training Videos are awesome if you can ignore how annoying he can be lol I went through a thing a couple of years ago (I had two videos, the "hips, buttocks and thighs" one and the "abdominals" one) where I did one video every day, for about three months..the results were amazing. He doesn't count reps, and his instructions are quite good.
  5. amber

    amber Member

    Check out QuickFix workout videos, I have the one for your butt and its awesome, its three ten minute sections and you don't have to have any special equipment for them... they make em for all the different parts of the body and i think they have a whole body and a yoga one or something
  6. akunasaka24

    akunasaka24 Member

    Do Zumba or Belly Dancing ones. Those are fun.
  7. I do exercise videos like 5 days a week. My favorite one right now is Belly Dance Fusion Jazz by Natural Journeys. I also like yoga (a great one for beginners is Lower Body Yoga for Beginners by Living Arts) and The New Method puts out an Integrated Yoga workout that combines yoga, pilates, and dance.
  8. Low Dog

    Low Dog Member

    Gaiam puts out some really good DVDs. I have Total Body Yoga for Beginngers and Pilates Mat Workout.
  9. jen910

    jen910 Senior Member

    Right now i'm addicted to Winsor Pilates...it's a really good workout....
  10. scarlettchasingroses

    scarlettchasingroses strawberry tart

    Oooo...that woman drives me nuts.....
  11. jen910

    jen910 Senior Member

    Denise Austin makes me sick..She's always so freakin perky. I remember seeing her on tv when i was way little....she has to be old....
  12. My fave exercise videos are: Body Bootcamp by Beach Body( cardio videos), Carmen Electra's Aerobic Striptease tapes (they are awesome!) and Winsor Pilates. I don't do tapes as much as I used to. I usually go to the gym now. I also have done bellydancing tapes those are fun. The Carmen tapes may sound cheesy but for the most part, they work you hard and overall they are some sexy moves in them. (Bf approved...)
  13. jen910

    jen910 Senior Member

    I want to try Carmen's Aerobic Striptease. I saw her demostrating on the Ellen show and it looks fun.
  14. Jen, you should definitely get her dvds. I think you can only get them online. The website os www.aerobicstriptease.com. They are fun, even if you aren't a big Carmen fan.
  15. Faerie

    Faerie Peachy

    I was thinking about trying them too.... I think i will now

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