"Executive Orders" - Tom Clancy

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    Just finished reading this mammoth book (1370 pages long). It was really good and again another Clancy book I'd recommend. The beginning was a bit slow, and there were times where he got a bit tedious but overall it was an excellent read.

    My brief synopsis:

    The United States has been hit by a massive tragedy. A Japanese airliner has crashed directly into Capitol Hill while there was a special meeting taking place and now the US government is left in disarray as the President and his wife are dead, along with most of the Senate a good portion of the House of Representatives, and the entire Supreme Court. Now, Jack Ryan (who'd just been sworn in as Vice President) has become President of the United States - a job he didn't ever want to have.

    The Nation is in chaos and the world sees the United States as a weak target. Meanwhile, the Middle East teeters on the brink of war as the Iraqi President is assassinated by one of his own bodyguards and no one knows who will take power.

    The Chinese are restless with their relationship with Taiwan. India isn't sure about this new President of the United States and their Prime Minister is considering flexing her nations "muscles" to prove to the new President of the United States just how much power they have.

    And well, to top it all off there seems to be an outbreak of an aerosol form of a potent strain of Ebola that first finds itself in Zaire, then in Northern region of Africa - which is highly unusual, and finally is found in an index case in Maryland!

    There are so many twists and turns in this book. From the US government getting a shake-up as the first non-politican takes office, to the espionage that goes on behind the scenes, biological warfare, Secret Service agents, sleeper cells, and "Mountain Men" militia groups. It's a very captivating read.

    I would definitely recommend this book, but be warned. It's a massive read. :)

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