Excuse Me, Your life is waiting... (a recommendation)

Discussion in 'Books' started by yogi for peace, Jan 11, 2005.

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    Excuse Me, Your life is waitingThe power of feelings
    by Lynn Grabhorn

    A must read. All about manifesting whatever you want in your life. Easier said then done but I am hooked on this book. She writes in very simple and understandable language and uses story telilng and her own personal experiences and journey as a way to walk you through how to manifest whatever it is in your life that you want.

    According to Lynn, we have absolute control of our lives. We are not victim to circumstance, and there is no such thing as luck.

    Everything that comes into your life has been magnetized into reality by YOU. Whether directly or indirectly.

    I have found this book very empowering and to be full of truth. Highly recommend it.
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    cool, i will definitely check it out
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