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Discussion in 'Rainbow Family' started by greytimberwolf, Feb 3, 2009.

  1. if you think community way of life and it's reassuring thoughts of a vision to be able to become more spiritual, and the grassroots of family values and the allowance to become more aware and to help with the involvement in healthier diets and living with the old native beliefs and the involvement of knowledge to educate with on-line talk radio and news papers along with awareness news letters.
    > and to add to the mix, educating the Babylon world around us about the animal that lives according to the plan of it's walk on this turtle, such as wolves, bears, hawks, owls.
    > a lot can happen and the gift of great spirit is offering this now, a lot of doors have opened.
    > a lot of family have expressed wanting to be a part of and getting involved in, but most as humans have the fear of the next move, the next step, to follow what is in their harts, their dream, the little voice inside that tells them to follow with your hart and take the path that awakens your soul.
    > this letter i have sent out to only fifty people total in this forum, and eleven other forums and groups and some personal mails and hip forum.
    > so much is offered at my feet but will not and can not come together with out the right family. brothers and sisters who believe in destiny and loyalty and true friend ship with so much honor that you have the greatest universal love for all life.
    > i have till Saturday to bring together a strong bond of family with the greatest unconditional love of unity for all.
    > hope to here words of greatness from you all i have sent this to.
    > peace with prayers from spirit given by my love with honor.
    > j,t e

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