Every Apple Has A Core

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by StoneyCrustyBabe, Jan 31, 2005.

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    Every Apple Has a Core

    I am a little girl again
    Eagerly awaiting
    With chin on table
    My eyes imploring my mother over
    Steam rising from bowls
    Burnt umber swirls of cinnamon
    Teasing patterns
    Atop her fresh pressed applesauce
    My eyes are wells
    Because on these lips
    I still taste
    The sweet treats of her homemade heart.

    These memories of a good girl
    Are long forgotten
    Except when he is with me
    Gently he pulls them out of me
    Encourages me to unravel
    The knot of my past.

    Pen to paper
    I try to do this justice
    Yet no words I can find
    Are perfect enough
    I want these words
    To be perfectly wrapped gifts
    Holding the emotion I put in to them
    I would make them presents
    At the baptism of a whole person
    My person
    Tears are the holy water
    In which I bless this being.


    Chlamydia is not a flower
    You know the sign at
    Your friendly neighboorhood
    County health facility.

    So on these walls
    Biege or mint or pink or mauve
    Supposedly calming
    There are these messages
    Perfectly gift wrapped
    In language that too
    Tries to be calming:
    Just think of flowers
    It will be o.k.
    I find this to be both
    Infuriating and reassuring
    It is a mockery of my
    Private life (pun intended)
    Flowers are a hopeful image of life.

    Looking around at the
    Other occupants
    In this waiting area of secrets
    I see reflected in the eyes around me
    Guilt, fear, and sheepishness
    I know that I too
    Am bound by these emotions.

    The best thing is to be
    Present in this
    I knew from day one
    Of my sexual explorations
    That Chlamydia is not a flower
    They teach it to us early
    These days
    Scarry to think
    I am just one more link
    In a long chain of germs
    That's sick.


    Doorway man
    Open and shut
    Calling me close
    He whispers thoughts
    Then wham!
    Maybe I get too close
    Comfort can only reside
    In a house full of trust
    I don't think
    He has much to offer me
    In my metaphorical mind
    I see a pyramid
    And I am pilgrim
    Standing in front
    Waiting for a sign
    Patient pilgrim
    Explores the outside
    Sees the cracks
    The imperfections
    Time worn
    I know that time
    Has over the course
    Of existence
    Left its marks on him
    It is almost too much
    I become overwhelmed
    Being near him
    Becomes an art
    A meditation
    I have to let go of
    Thought and expectation
    So I can just stay present
    He is teaching me
    How to listen
    I don't want to be
    Too close yet
    Maybe his blocked passage
    Is really a blessing?
    I fear the reality
    That I do not open to him fully
    It is far easier
    To push away something
    That is already pushing away
    Maybe though maybe
    I do not open this fully
    Because I don't like
    High risk investment
    And what's the purpose of
    Investing in a maybe.
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    -this really brought back memories for me! i think you've really captured a moment from many people's childhoods
  3. fulmah

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    All three were quite good, but it was that first one's opening that's going to linger in my mind! Especially the first paragraph, the imagery there is so perfect and capturing. Very nice job! thanks for sharing em :)
  4. TomDijon

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    i really like the last one. My opinion; it's a scary thing to walk into a different world, especially when you know you probably won't be coming back ...
  5. Hippievixen

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    This is powerful.

    I like it - thanks for sharing.
  6. StoneyCrustyBabe

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    Thanks for the feedback everyone, I am glad that you all enjoy what I have written. It takes a lot to even share it here, anonymously, especially the one about Chlamydia.

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