Discussion in 'Gay' started by Duncan, May 21, 2004.

  1. Duncan

    Duncan Senior Member

    When you see a male nurse or orderly, do you automatically assume that he's gay?
  2. monosphere

    monosphere Holly's Hubby

    Not at all. I've worked as a caregiver for the developmentally disabled and have met many male nurses during that time. My mother also tends to go to the hospital on a regular basis and I see them all the time there. I don't think I've met a gay male nurse yet.
  3. Taylor

    Taylor Repatriated

    Of course not. thats the stupidest idea ever.
  4. psyche

    psyche fun for the whole family

    naw, that's like saying every female doctor is a dyke. if he's a male nurse in a female nurse's uniform i may raise an eyebrow...
  5. katherine

    katherine Member

    My uncle was a nurse, after spending time in the army, the police force and the prison service. You wouldn't want to call him gay. Then again, he's getting on for 40 and never been married ;) . Seriously though, their are loads of male nurses these days and I'm sure only a very small number are gay.
  6. Taylor

    Taylor Repatriated

    HAHAHAHA... classic.

    but then, some people out there like some strange things.
  7. Duncan

    Duncan Senior Member

    Stupid to consider someone is gay first? Why is that? Why should we automatically assume that someone is straight first unless proven otherwise? Or do we simply assume that everyone has NO sexuality?
  8. erzebet1961

    erzebet1961 Senior Member

    No....Ive known quite a few male nurses that were totally straight....they just happened to chosse being a nurse because they wanted closer contact with the patients than the doctors had.
  9. dreamingwight

    dreamingwight Member

    of course not.
  10. CrazybutLazy

    CrazybutLazy Banned

    Or you could simply not assume things....
  11. No, definitely not. Can't say I have ever given that much thought.
  12. mushie18

    mushie18 Intergalactic

  13. Snowdancer

    Snowdancer Member

    Not any more than I automatically hope that whoever I meet is of the persuasion that they would be interested. :)
  14. Panzer

    Panzer Member

  15. monosphere

    monosphere Holly's Hubby

    I think she meant that it's stupid to make assumptions about one's sexuality based on stereotypes. Isn't that what you intended when you started this thread a couple of years ago?
  16. squawkers7

    squawkers7 radical rebel

    I have worked in hospitals & nursing homes with male nurses & nurse's aides. My first thought is ok, if I get a real heavy patient that needs moving/repostioning I'll go get the male worker to help.
    I was there to work not to jump my co-workers, so I couldn't care less what their sex life was all about.
  17. bkcmar

    bkcmar keep those feet bare

    That is a very horrible sterotype. A person who becomes a nurse because they enjoy the close contact with patients.
  18. MSman

    MSman Member

    Even uve ever seen Meet the Parents, then u would have been correct. His name is Gay (Gaylord) Focker.
  19. hipunk

    hipunk Member

    No, when I see a male nurse I don't assume that he's gay, but often I make a silent prayer that please god let him be gay. Nurses are hot.
  20. Night_Owl49

    Night_Owl49 Since 2006


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