Escort Had A Mental Breakdown During Session

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by Tuck Boy, Mar 6, 2019.

  1. Tuck Boy

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    Some time back I contacted an escort for a 2 hour session at a hotel room. Towards the end of the session, she completely snapped and freaked me out! Here's what happened:

    First a little about myself: I'm a guy in my early 20's. I'm very socially anxious. I sometimes have trouble staying hard. If I'm super horny, then I stay rock hard, but at others times its easy for me to go soft now and then.

    And I'm also a huge fan of blowjobs and handjobs. I was actually more interested in oral sex than intercourse for this session. I guess one mistake I made was that I didn't tell her this beforehand.

    Anyways after she came to my room, we talked for a while and got down to it. She gave me oral for about 5 minutes or less and then asked '' Don't you want to have sex? ''. I said I did, but after some time. Then she said '' I can't go on sucking ''. So after a few minutes, I put on a condom and then had intercourse with her. I was disappointed because I was looking forward to a longer blowjob.

    I wasn't really turned on that much. She was very mechanical, no enthusiasm, lots of fake moaning...I wasn't feeling it. I lost my erection and it was difficult to have sex. So then I just asked her to finish me off with a handjob. It took me a LONG time to finish. She kept asking me why I was taking so long. I was trying my best to finish, but it just wasn't happening. Her handjob felt abrasive and uncomfortable so then I asked her if she could instead kiss me on my thighs while I jacked off with my own hand. I was about to ejaculate and I told her. She then let me finish on her breasts.

    Then after a short break we went at it again. We did a lot of 2nd base stuff this time. Before we started, I showed her a porno video on my phone of an edging blowjob and asked her if she could give me a blowjob like that.

    Keep in mind I had already cum so now it was even more difficult to stay hard. My penis kept fluctuating between soft and erect. She noticed me going soft while I was kissing her and then got visibly upset. She started yelling at me and said stuff like '' What the hell is wrong with you!? I've been with lots of men and never had this problem before '' and '' Oh my body is not good enough for you!? IS THAT IT!? '' She raised her voice to the point that it was reverberating all over the hotel hallway and it freaked the hell out of me! I'm pretty sure everyone on that floor heard her yell. She then said '' Why didn't you just take a viagra, because I'm apparently not attractive enough for you! ''.

    So now I was scared and turned off at the same time. She still went in for a 2nd blowjob since I asked for it. She blew felt really good this time and I was strangely enjoying it despite her yelling. I became hard.....but it was shortlived. I became soft again and then she let out the most frustrated sigh I've ever heard from a human being and then sprung up on her feet.

    Then she asked me '' Who sent you!? '' and how I got her number. Now I was legit terrified. I had no idea what she was talking about. I told her that nobody sent me. And then she said '' I'm sure it was that bastard pimp who sent you! ''. I was like '' What pimp!?!? '' because she technically is an independent escort and I contacted her directly for our session.

    She then asked me if I had hidden a camera in the room and was recording her. I said '' No. '' but she didn't believe me. She then told me to turn off the light. I turned if off and she took out her smartphone and began scanning every wall with some app that was supposed to find hidden cameras. She scanned the room and then I asked her if i could turn on the light again.

    Then she again asked me how I got her number. I told her the name of the client I got the number from then she asked me to prove whether I really know that client. I actually haven't met that client in real life before, but I had talked to him on another forum on the internet and got her number via a private message from him. I then finally told her that I talked to that client on an internet forum and got her number via a message. Then she asked '' So is my number public on the forum? '' I said '' No its not public. I received it via a private message from your client ''. After I told her that, she got relieved and calmed down.

    Then she apologized for all the trouble she caused me and then said goodbye.

    Can someone please explain to me what was going on here? Has anyone gone through an experience like this? Who did she think I was? And why did she ask me all those questions? And why was she so upset that I went soft? I'm still paying her the money, so it doesn't matter whether I'm hard or soft right? I know sex wasn't possible with a soft penis, but I don't know why it was such a problem during the blowjob. She could have kept going on regardless of me being soft or hard, it doesn't matter to me. Why did she snap the second I went soft?
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    Maybe she was already having a bad day and something tipped her off for some reason, or had a bad experience that went similar to how your session went with her until you proved her that everything's ok. I don't know for sure what happened there, but escorts are people too and literally anything could have been going through her mind at that moment, she could have been stressed out for another reason too and maybe she shouldn't have taken in another client at that particular moment
  3. Tuck Boy

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    Yeah maybe. But I wonder if this is a common thing that happens in escorting. For escorts to suspect that their client is something other than a client. I got the feeling like I wasn't behaving like a regular client, and that's what ticked her off.
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    Im suprised how these girls are able to do anything to anyone. i mean there must be some really unatractive guys and she has to do blowjobs and have them cum inside her. must be awful.

    but i guess that if she accepted 'the contract' of x amou t of $ for x amount of time. then she should do any reasonable demands you have.

    but as others said she is human. things you dont know about might be going on in her head.

    i dont mind giving a handjob for $, but i would never have sex or give a bj for $ with some guy i find ugly. But a handjob you just wash your hands after and its done.
  5. morrow

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    You do a blow job but dont put the condom on till you have sex?

    Be safe people.. think of your future, or you wont have one..
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    can you get diseases from a blowjob ? i know i can get things from the guy. but i dont think the guys can get things from the girl ?
  7. morrow

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    Omg if your so nieve you really shouldnt be having sex...
    Do some research, you can pass STDs by sharing body fluids... no matter where they come from, and yes the guy can catch things from a blow job... you kids make me despair. ..
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