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  1. aydinerro

    aydinerro Member

    I'm not a nudist but I was curious how erections work with nudists.
    Not so much at nude beaches and stuff, but just hanging out with a few friends.
    What if a guy liked a girl and got a boner and so on and so on?
    Also is sex at all more casual with hardcore nudists?
  2. *pixy*

    *pixy* Member

    My own experiences tell that it depends a lot on how relaxed and open minded the friends are you hang around with. I lived toegether some years with a guy trying to go naked whenever possible (both sometimes as the only one as sometimes collective), and i could notice that there turn out to be three kinds of friends: First these who don't like nudity among the group at all; the second who admit nudity but don't like to have an erotic touch connected to the situation (meaning: to stay limb preferentially) and last but not least a third group of very good friends admitting also to show sexual feelings, or even more. Usually you find traditionall nudists in the second group, like those who go to nudist holidays every year but live a quite straight life apart from that. Much to my astonischment in the third group i also found people who never had any connection to nudism, but a deep conviction that others should be free to find complete expression. As my then friend was really keen to try out his nudity thing with all our friends, after some time we had a kind of classification of our acquaintance (and, to be honest, broke up some amities as effect of trying to hard), and we mostly knew how far we could go.

    My current friend prefers to stay nude only among intimate friends and relatives, and so it's no problem to show his natural feelings now and then.

    I think it would be a shame (or a sign of disease) if a guy would not have any effects fooling around with the gal he likes. You only have to care a bit who's around you.

    I really don't know if sex is more casual with hardcore nudists. I think this depends a lot on the guy you're with, probably more on his attitude towards sex than towards nudity. But i agree that starting a foreplay is easier with a nudist *lol*.
  3. Booga

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    I couldn't tell you much about erection etiquette at nude resorts, since I've only been to one. But on nude beaches, getting an erection is forgivable, provided you make a good faith effort to get rid of it or conceal it. Walking around or kicking back with your cock in midair will make you look like an unmannered fool or a sexual predator. People who undress in public fear, more than anything, that their nakedness will be taken as a green light for pushy people seeking quick and easy sex. That's especially true for women, of course, but on beaches that attract a large number of gays, it's also true for men. Give any indication of being such a person, and people will shun you, or worse.

    Fortunately, getting rid of an erection is easy. If you get hard while walking, just run into the ocean. That will soften you up in no time at all, especially if it's cold. If you're lying or sitting down, just drop a towel in your lap or roll over on your stomach until your penis hauls down its colors.

    The American Association of Nude Recreation goes out of its way to assure the public that nudists are no more into casual sex than the average citizen. In fact, it goes even further. Filling its literature with phrases like "wholesome" and "family-friendly," it creates the impression that nudists are downright prigs and puritans.

    It makes these claims for a perfectly good reason: If lawmakers and zoning boards were to take the notion that their local nudist camp or beach was, in fact, a big swingers' club, they'd do their damndest to close it down as a public health hazard.

    For that same reason, most nudist camps and resorts pass rules to ensure that guests behave themselves, at least in public. Someone with more firsthand knowledge may be able to give you some examples of nudist resort codes of conduct. Judging by the tone of official AANR statements, I'd imagine they can be very strict.

    Some individual nudists very much enjoy casual sex, or even swinging. They simply do their hooking up in private, where AANR rules can no longer restrict them. I've heard that some nudist resorts are known for tolerating swingers, but this tolerance apparently cost them the approval of the so-called nudist mainstream.

    Pixy decribes a group of close friends who weren't swingers, but apparently enjoyed groping and snuggling their own partners and unattached people in full view. Years ago, while visiting Russia, I was briefly adopted into such a group, and noticed immediately the problems their laid-back attitude created. Guy A flirts with Gal B; Gal B ignores Guy A, but lets Guy C rub suntan lotion on her; Guy A gets pissed off. I actually saw a couple of nude fistfights, a sight I could easily live the rest of my life without ever having to see again. Of course, Russians being Russians, alcohol -- large amounts of very cheap alcohol --always served as a catalyst in these unseemly blow-ups. When sober, frustrated nude lovers may settle points d'honneur in a more civilized fashion.
  4. aydinerro

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    There's something ridiculously funny about a nudist fist fight.

    But I sort of respect that sex isn't more casual.
    I think being nude is a beautiful thing and when I see nude people I don't see them through the eyes of a horny teenager, but through admiring eyes.
    I don't know when admiration of others' bodies became inappropriate but I find it pretty stupid.
    I don't understand why society has banned certain things like farting, burping, picking the nose, being nude, barefoot, erections.
    It's all natural. =]
  5. detector

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    i've often wondered about this question as in if I were to pose for my local art class which I have been asked to do, I think if there were lots of women there i'd deffo get a boner! WHich could be embarrassing
  6. detector, don't be so sure. Being a life drawing model is actually a lot of hard work. Holding a pose sounds easy, until you get up there and disrobe. It's definitely a possibility that it could happen spontaneously, but it was my experience that even when it did happen to me, the artist's were more annoyed than anything else (it's the equivalent of suddenly changing position in the middle of a pose!) As a result, I found that such erections don't last.

    Weighing on the original topic: Yeah, it greatly depends on the specific environment. I have been to nudist gatherings where such erections might be tolerated if they truly are "non-threatening", but I've also been to certain beaches where it was fairly common practice for men to "strut their stuff" so to speak. The best policy I found was just to use common sense, and try and read the crowd at whatever the venue is where you want to be nude.

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