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    Skipping over the read bead
    my eye does not count it,
    and I try to add another
    gold bead before I realize
    my mistake.
    How quickly the eye

    There are 4 beads
    in the stitch,
    but 5 softly becomes 4
    when one does not fit.

    And he said ÒitÕs all
    black and white babyÓ
    like the color of my skin
    defines what is in me.

    Inside my heart a whole
    palate of colors undulates
    on broken waves where
    neon green sings as it
    melds with purplish-pink
    and they throw their hands
    up in joyous crests of
    muddy brown.

    It is in the wake
    of internal quality,
    when colors dry stagnantly
    on the canvassed sands,
    that they then truly stand

    It is not just ignorance
    or prejudice without consent
    from the mind and heart
    it is natureÕs intent
    to dissect and divide:
    Òyou stay with them
    over there honey,
    (youÕre white)Ó.

    And in a world where
    NatureÕs tooth drips red
    With the blood of anything that
    stood out it really makes sense
    to cloister in groups,
    chameleons blending together.

    What stands alone is eaten.

    So thatÕs why I never see
    a bumblebee with a purple stripe,
    an ant with a passion for nonconformity,
    a black boy willing to love me.

    But in this anatomically correct
    brain a version of nature dwells
    not without, but within.
    And I have to ask
    when it is that we will
    stop being so fearful of being eaten.

    Hell, weÕre all part of the food chain,
    but there comes a time when everyone
    must decide whether
    they are the predator or the prey.

    A victim fallen prey to
    the laws of natural society,
    or the predator

    breaking free.

    Rising up together day and night,
    whatÕs wrong becomes right
    and Social Darwinism just
    chuckles, turns away and sighs,
    skulking back to Origins
    with tears in its eyes.

    In between breaths
    a beads breadth
    just redefined black and white.
  2. TrippinBTM

    TrippinBTM Ramblin' Man

    Man, that's some heavy shit there. But also very good shit. I was going to quote a section I especially liked but I think I'd have to quote the whole poem. :)
  3. indian~summer

    indian~summer yo ho & a bottle of yum

    wow...i really like that..

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