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Discussion in 'Magic Mushrooms' started by czerwonymike, Jul 1, 2013.

  1. czerwonymike

    czerwonymike Guest

    I just recently had an extremely powerful experience on 8.5g of golden caps. The whole theme of the trip was of being visited by a presence within the one consciousness. It looked like 3 figures in a circle looking down on me from above, only shadows because light was behind them.

    They were helping me understand that only the body dies, and with other fears I have (not being able to see my parents happy, feeling like my mom is wasting away infront of the tv, going to miss my human life, stuff like that) When I thought about these things they appeared again and I felt like they were saying everything will be ok and not to worry. They felt like the Trinity and their powers were put together as one. I simultaneously laughed and cried because I was so awe struck with the incredible beauty of existence.

    At other less emotional parts of the trip I saw scrolls of ancient language, matrix style, and invisible beings were dancing around me, I could only feel their presence.

    In a different trip mother nature was face to face with me, smiling. her face was made of green and amber gems and crystals.
    I only experienced entities on my most powerful 2 trips. What entities have you guys seen on mushrooms?
  2. Irminsul

    Irminsul Valkyrie

    I always get my own alter personalities that take form and then I'm at a loss as to who or what I really am. I'm more often than not also stalked by the same dark haired, very fair skinned lady whom I call my lady in black. I actually think she might be my guardian angel oversee but I can see her not even on the drugs and she isn't a talker and that bothers me and during a trip I often get angry with her for being mute. But she's so goddess like... you just can't stay angry at her. I've also come across mute angels that I could hear speak to me without their voice and like your trip, he reassured me that all was good in life and the deceased eagerly awaited my presence with them, again. Which is kinda scary because no one massively close to me has died to miss me. Maybe grand parents. Anyway, fuck knows, I got love waiting for me in halls on high.
  3. FlyingFly

    FlyingFly Dickens

    I have felt really strong presence of a woman on 4-ho-met. I have felt that she was trying to tell me something. One of the things I have remembered is that "Drugs(psychedelics) don't give answers, they only ask questions". For some reason I thought it was Gaia. I have felt her presence in my tripping place even few days after the trip itself.

    All it was, was probably some chemical inbalance in brain producing confusion, but nonetheless it was really interesting to experience. And learning from this experience, no matter if it was just brain playing tricks or not.
  4. Irminsul

    Irminsul Valkyrie

    Don't talk about chemical imbalances. It's funner to just accept the magick.
  5. czerwonymike

    czerwonymike Guest

    Yea I feel like there is meaning behind all of this... =)
  6. wetsocks

    wetsocks there's no one driving

    i had one trip where captain Picard was speaking to me very scornfully
  7. Grainpsilo

    Grainpsilo Member

    I once saw killer whales consumed in rainbow fire swimming through my living room

    But that was on 7 grams.
  8. falconer

    falconer Member

    I was lying on my bed.

    A pale figure knelt by my upper torso, and gave off vibes of concern.
    Then i noticed another pale figure standing at the foot pf my bed, giving off a feeling of disgust in me.
    They urged me to look up, without words, and suddenly my ceiling tore away to reveal a bright yellow/ white/ green light with tendrils hanging down towards me. There was a trumpetting sound, and the light made me feel great.

    Then it was all back to normal, just like that.
    I fully believe that the abrahamic religions owe their starts to mushroom trips.

    I should note that this occurred 2 months ago, with a 4g tea of aborts and caps.
  9. czerwonymike

    czerwonymike Guest

    Yes, I recall reading somewhere that mt. Sainai supposedly is naturally littered with psychedelic mushrooms, and Moses went up there and supposedly talked to god.
  10. falconer

    falconer Member

    Ive done quite a bit of research into the topic myself. Apparently Psilocybes are one of the better candidates for the mysterious, heavenly food "manna".
  11. chadcr01

    chadcr01 Senior Member

    8.5 grams?!?

    Jesus.... you are definitely a pioneer if that is an accurate number. They were dried I take it, right? I find it challenging enough in the 4-5g range... My last 5g trip was several months ago and completely knocked my socks off, and was probably one of the more difficult I've had simply because the sheer potency and quickness of onset was a little alarming. But this was also one of the most beneficial trips I've ever had... there was something I had buried pretty deep and have spent a long time avoiding/never completely dealing with and that came shining through to the surface. Not only did it become illuminated, it threw it in my face with the force of a tidal-wave... running was not an option on this one.

    And man oh man, was it tough... But I just sat there with it, tried my best to keep some semblance of calm about me and just sat there and worked it out. Once I got off that track, the trip just launched itself into the bizarre and unknowable... It was like I was being shown the archives of the entire universe by a "presence" (best way I can describe it, sorry) that was just hurling these hieroglyphs/codecs into space, and these were quite literally impossible objects... Then I would begin to focus on one of these things (this is all eyes closed, btw) and slowly the data would just pour out of it, like getting a download of all the information in the known universe (and all the information that exists in dimensionality of all levels) and it was like having epiphany after epiphany after epiphany.... But "epiphany" is such a pale term to describe this, this was like a merger with the infinite and a wave of understanding coming from pure information; not information perceived through sensory input from the higher organs of an advanced mammal, but instead RAW information... the datum of reality itself in its raw, unfiltered Platonic form.

    But the problem was that as soon as I would focus on one of these glyphs, it would stream out all this data and inevitably it would break my concentration because it was just wayyy too much. System overload. And as soon as my concentration broke, this would all stop. The data stream would sort of fold in on itself and become an entirely different thing/landscape before I could even decide what the fuck just happened.

    I did have the distinct sense of a watchful presence during the entire peak though. And also something which I've never really experienced before with psychedelics (or at least not quite at this extent); it felt like I was SOMEWHERE. This wasn't ordinary consciousness perturbed by a drug, this was a place of some sort (though it certainly bore no resemblance to the "places" we routinely experience is three-dimensional space/time). And I felt with every cell in my body, right down the the core of my being itself... very very profound. I also had the continuous sense of a "watcher" of some sort, steering and scripting the experience somehow. I did kind of regret not dosing slightly higher (maybe like 5.5 or 6g instead of 5.0), because I remember thinking man if I just had a TAD bit more, this thing might just coming ripping through and present itself in all its utter incomprehensibility and alien-ness...

    Other than that, I can't remember too many specifics... just some "mental snapshots" you might say. I've found that when I dose high with some of the tryptamines I lose much of what happened during the trip when I return to baseline, much in the way a dream is rapidly forgotten in the first couple hours upon waking. Only when I dose high though. It seems like this thing is filtering itself at higher doses, like somehow the information revealed within just cannot be taken back to three-dimensional space/time reality... and I get the impression that if it COULD be taken back with you, the information you would possess would just unravel the universe itself. Its like sand, slipping through my fingers.

    I use the term "chasing the epiphany" sometimes for big dose tryptamine voyages.

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Stick around, its a nice community around here :)
  12. czerwonymike

    czerwonymike Guest

    Yes they were dry. I was eating an 8th at a time, adding more every time I felt I was at the strongest point for how much I ate. At the peak of the experience it felt like I was completely in the spiritual realm, but only for a split second. I was quickly thrown back into this plane of existence and into my body, feeling absolutely reborn. I was in complete awe from my existence and I looked at my cat and thought how amazing it was to be able to interact with another being. I felt like dancing and the music I was listening to was just absolutely perfect. When I got over the peak I unpaused Fear and Loathing, and felt the most intense time dilation I have ever experienced. I had to focus on my breathing to keep my composure because it was the only thing that stayed consistent. Johnny Depp was teleporting across the casino floor, with the caricatures of used car salesmen being complete blurry trails. His narration was in real time, but within the time I took 4 or 5 breaths, 5 minutes had passed. How I was able to go out in public and take out the trash, I will never know. I was finding myself 10-15 steps beyond the last place I realized I was, fumbling with my hands to rub my face.

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