Empty nest with perimeno systems?

Discussion in 'Women's Issues' started by flyingfeathers915, May 28, 2007.

  1. Did not know if this was the right place for this thread...but it would be nice to get somefeed back from other Hip Nannies out there who have lived empty nest and menopause. My emotionally state is a mess and when I saw the dr. all he did was give me a persciption for Zanax..not for me. Why would I also want to take a drug that was addictive if I am already emotionally imbalanced. Don't know how the medical professionals expect a pill to be the right thing to do. Any words of wisdom from the elder crone's would be truly appreciated.

    Sending much love and many blessings to you and yours!
  2. drumminmama

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    i'm in pre-peri and my son recently swapped his "school year house" so he's now with me for summers only.
    So I'm sort of there.
    it is disorienting, and I find myself calling for him when he isn't here for the first weeks. You know, sharing a joke, dissing the president, good bonding stuff.

    I find I have to rediscover me. I get extra books to read, listen to music he hates, work out more, paint more.
  3. Aho,
    It is so nice to have a quick response to this. Am trying to get to my dreams that would include traveling and perhaps doing the Winnebago thing like my Grandparents did with me when I was growing up. It is one of those dreams that I put away for after the kids. As would love to make my own jewery and cut my own stones. This is a time of changes not just for me but for my body. When I try to get a point across I can't be emotional or they don't really hear the message...very frustrating. Need to focus on my own path...almost as one would procede after a loved one has pasted. A "Phoenix Rising." That is how I feel right now. Another part is that I realized I don't have many friends...and become a hermit...that is about to change with these posts here.
    Looking forward to a whole new world to explore on this new path.

    Sending much love and many blessings to you and yours!
  4. drumminmama

    drumminmama Super Moderator Lifetime Supporter

    well, a phase of your life has passed.
    It does feel a touch like when the kiddo weaned!

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