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Discussion in 'Books' started by dylanzeppelin, May 18, 2004.

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    She wrote such books as "Bitch", "More, Now and Again", and her best seller, "Prozac Nation". What do you think of her writing and of her as a person. I know I have heard mixed feelings about her, she is whiny or she is very talented and raw, I'm curious on who has read her books and they think of her. Just curious, thanks.
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    I REALLY didn't like Prozac Nation. She spends the whole book telling everyone how tortured, great, wild and amazing she is, how she saw and did everything before everyone else and that she's actually the only person in the world who's ever suffered from depression and everyone else is faking.

    I think they should start a whole new genre just for her. It should be called ME ME ME. You could accuse some of the beat generation writers of the same thing but at least (for the most part) they had a depth and introspection. Prozac Nation was one dimensional and flat.

    I don't think she's that talented. There are a million writers on the net who write the exact same kind of fly-on-the-wall type stuff. College students writing about how no one understands them.

    BUT...I've only read Prozac Nation...maybe she got better since then.

    God, I sound so grumpy in this post :) I'm not normally. There are very few books that I dislike as much as this one.

    Love your profile by the way!! :D
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    its like stream of conscious

    plus i desire to hump her

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