Edward Snowden's crime was exposing NSA DEA Wall St. corruption.

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    Exposure reveals the disturbing extent to which the US' government and corporate sectors have merged.

    What Do You Think Of National Security Leaker Edward Snowden? [POLL]
    72% of 5000+ say he's a hero.

    Two Secretive Israeli Companies Reportedly Bugged The US Telecommunications Grid For The NSA

    How to Get the NSA to Follow You on Twitter
    By Marina Galperina | June 14, 2013

    Activists Launch “Operation Troll The NSA for June 12, 2013
    At 7:00 PM EST on Wednesday, June 12 a large group of online activists are encouraging as many people as possible to send out a form email filled with a variety of NSA trigger words, to clog up the system and make life as difficult as possible for big brother.


    DEA Special Operations Division
    Covers Up Surveillance Used To Investigate Americans: Report

    Congress Flips Out About 'Snowden The Traitor'
    As They Try To Pass Legislation To Stop The Program He Revealed

    NSA Confirms Dragnet Phone Records Collection,
    But Admits It Was Key in Stopping Just 1 Terror Plot

    U.S. directs agents to cover up program
    used to investigate Americans

    Greenwald: Snowden "Doing Very Well" in Russia
    After Sparking "Extraordinary Debate" on NSA, Spying

    Members of Congress denied access to basic information about NSA


    ACLU National ‏@ACLU
    Congressmen @AlanGrayson and @RepMGriffith’s attempts to get basic info on #NSA spying stymied: #transparency

    LEAP ‏@CopsSayLegalize
    More insight into the SOD

    Kasia Malinowska ‏@OSFKasia
    Cultivation of #coca decreased by 7% in #Bolivia according to a report by UNODC & Bolivian gov. And no American DEA in the country! Hmm...

    DEA Using NSA and CIA Intelligence to Spy on and Arrest U.S. Citizens for Drugs; Agency Manufacturing Cover Investigations to Mislead Judges, Prosecutors and Defense Attorneys

    500,000 contractors can access NSA data hoards
    Firms like Booz Allen have army of employees, but only Snowden spoke up
    By Natasha Lennard


    Secretive DEA program is using terrorism task forces to help local police make small-time drug busts.
    By David Martosko In Washington

    A secret U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration unit is using terrorism task forces to help local police take down small-time drug dealers, sources have told MailOnline.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0R_jSP8GLM"]Glenn Greenwald Slams NSA Backer Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger Over ABC Interview, Defense Industry Ties - YouTube
    Democracy Now! ‏@democracynow @ggreenwald Slams NSA Backer Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger Over ABC Interview, Defense Industry Ties @Call_Me_Dutch

    techdirt ‏@techdirt
    Someone Using A US Senate IP Address Edits Wiki Entry To Change Ed Snowden From 'Dissident.

    techdirt ‏@techdirt
    Administration Can't Let Go: Wants To Bring Back Felony Streaming Provisions Of SOPA

    large pic

    The recent NSA leak reveals the disturbing extent to which the US' government and corporate sectors have merged.

    Edward Snowden and Washington's revolving-door culture
    Modified: 12 Jun 2013 15:53
    by Nikolas Kozloff, the author of Revolution! South America and the Rise of the New Left (Palgrave-Macmillan, 2008).

    In the wake of the Edward Snowden controversy - the National Security Agency whistleblower who revealed secret US government surveillance programmes - the Obama administration has been forced on the defensive and obliged to answer uncomfortable questions about the extent and power of government eavesdropping.

    The scandal, however, has also placed a spotlight on Washington's revolving-door culture between private contractors and official government agencies. As further details emerge, it seems increasingly clear that Snowden's company Booz Allen Hamilton has been able to amass unprecedented power over the nation's affairs. In a perversion of democracy, Booz Allen now handles everything from consulting services to technology support and analysis for the Obama administration.

    Americans might be surprised to learn of the extent and scope of government outsourcing. Booz Allen holds a contract to provide IT modernisation and support to key Justice Department agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Executive Office for United States Attorneys.

    Snowden's company, which receives nearly all of its funding from the federal government, is in turn owned by private equity firm Carlyle Group. According to Forbes magazine, the Booz Allen sale has proven very lucrative for Carlyle, netting a whopping $2bn for the firm so far. A corporation known for its ties to insider politicians, Carlyle once employed none other than George Herbert Walker Bush as an adviser. His son George W, meanwhile, served on the board of directors of Carterair, an airline food company which was later acquired by Carlyle.

    It's becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish between the public and corporate sector in Washington, with Booz Allen employees routinely passing in and out of government. Take, for example, US National Intelligence Director James Clapper, a former executive at Booz Allen. Then there's George Little, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs at the Pentagon, who previously served as an intelligence and business consultant at Booz Allen.

    Not surprisingly, such incestuous ties have raised concerns about excessive corporate influence. As early as 2006, the American Civil Liberties Union sounded the alarm bell about the company's growing surveillance profile, noting that Booz Allen had "been at the forefront of a push to increase information collection from the private sector by the government. Several Booz Allen vice presidents, for example, have publicly called for sweeping efforts in that direction, even if it means sacrifice by and regulation of private industry."

    Who's running the drug war?

    In the coming days, many will undoubtedly call for a scaling back of government contractors and a more thorough accounting on intelligence matters. It may not be so easy, however, to disentangle the thorny web of corporate influence. Indeed, Booz Allen's involvement in intelligence gathering may be just the tip of the iceberg. Not only does the company hold contracts with the FBI, but it also provides IT support to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).What is more, the US Air Force awarded Booz Allen a contract in 2011 to research and design joint operations between the US Northern Command and the Mexican military. continued

    Bushladen and the Terrorists Carlyles Groups
    MKULTRA: CIA Mind Control
    Bush/Quayle/Lilly Pharmaceutical Sellout!

    Snowden's NSA Domestic Surveillance Revelations Are Old News
    So Why Are US Power Centers So Intent on Portraying The Whistleblower As a Traitor?
    By Bill Conroy Via The Narcosphere July 26, 2013

    Edward Snowden is now holed up in a Russian airport trying to make his way to Latin America, where several countries have offered him safe harbor.

    Snowden is on the run from the US government because of his act, while working for private contractor Booz Allen Hamilton, of leaking documents that reveal the Defense Department’s National Security Agency (NSA) is carrying out widespread domestic surveillance.

    The proof of that claim is an order made public by Snowden that was issued in April by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court — a US legal body charged with reviewing and approving clandestine government surveillance requests.

    But what was disclosed in that FISA court order is nothing new. It has all been reported previously, dating back to at least 2005, when the first media stories surfaced revealing that the NSA is engaging in widespread domestic surveillance.

    At the time, the same telecom company mentioned in the current FISA court order, Verizon, also was accused in media reports of participating in the NSA domestic surveillance program. In fact, it is likely that program — allegedly launched under the Bush administration in 2002 as a response to 9/11 — has never ended and is the same surveillance program referred to in the FISA court order made public by Snowden. continued narconews.com

    Latest Notebook Entries

    * FBI Director Candidate Comey Complicit in “Dark Chapter” in US History
    * Mexico Seeks to Ramp Up Tourism By Rebranding Drug War
    * Drug-War Homicides Spiking Under Mexican President Peña Nieto
    * US Prosecutors Turned a Blind Eye to Drone Code Piracy
    * US Training of Mexican Troops Has Escalated in Step With Mexico’s Murder Rate
    * Big Media Discovers US Special Ops are Targeting Mexican Crime Organizations
    * Fast and Furious Blurs the Line Between Cops and Crooks
    * Banks Are "Where the Money Is" In The Drug War
    * Mexico’s New President Set to Empower a “Devil’s Cartel”



    The vast majority of prohibitionists
    still profit on the drug war,..
    ... and that is still their only motive.

    Money Grubbing Dung Worriers

    Bush Family Acreage in SA google
    Bush Family Paraguay Hideaway Update - Biblioteca Pleyades
    Bush Buys 100000 Acres on border of Paraguay & Brazil
    TPM: About that Bush Family Ranch in Paraguay... - Democratic ...
    Bush Family Buys Up Vast Vast Land Tracks in Argentina and ...
    Does anyone know why the Bush's bought all that land in Uruguay ...
    Bush family land purchase in Paraguay - PrisonPlanet Forum
    Photos: President Bush's Trip to Uruguay - 2007
    Pres. Bush buys 100,000acre ranch in Paraguay : Indybay
    President's Trip to Latin America - the White House

    Get elected, get rich, buy up countries. No questions,
    the land they bought is sitting on the largest fresh water aquifer in the world. ...old family friend, the Most Reverend Sun Myung Moon's gang bought a MILLION and a HALF acres around it! The law there protects them--they can't be extradited to the US for war crimes.
    How special...

    Edward Snowden thread
    DEA SOD Covers Up Surveillance Used To Investigate Americans

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