eco space in nothern europe? where?....

Discussion in 'Europe' started by eydis, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. eydis

    eydis Member

    looking for an eco commune, in northern europe, but even elsewhere.....

    could help built a project with a group of dedicated people, livin an organic lifestyle, learning/doing permaculture or other related environmental, mindopening, sustainable and informative stuff. could be anything...! OR, why not buy/rent a place together and just do it. Would be great to get together, mail/keep contact with people who want to make it happen... there seem to be loads of places like this in the us, but the visa thing does not make it that easy for me, plus cant stay there for longer times.
    SO, please, IF you are interested, even just remotly, if you have some idea, just PM me or start your own thread. would be great to start a discussion about this...

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